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Anxiety is Spiraling


I’m new to this site/community and need some advice.

I’ve had Generalized anxiety disorder since August of 2016. I have gotten my anxiety under control for the most part but every 2 months or so I have periods of intense anxiety. I’m currently in one of those periods, it’s been about a week and it’s affecting my daily life to an extreme. I feel like I’m spiraling out of control and if I can’t get this under control I’m going to develop mania or end up going crazy.

I have a therapist I’ve been seeing for about a year but don’t have the money or good enough insurance to cover a psychiatrist for medication.

(I was on Zoloft for 8 months and stopped September of last year because I didn’t like how it was affecting my sex life and making me generally just numb).

I’m not sure what to do or how to relieve my anxiety in these intense-anxiety periods. I need help I feel like I’m going crazy.

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I am sorry you're going thru this. How are your sessions with your councillor going? Are they giving you coping skills?

mbennet333 in reply to Regina48

They are ok but she’s mostly taught me the breathing conscious coping methods, which used to be a bigger issue for me. This past week has felt more like I have no control over my thoughts, I’ve been experiencing dissociation more and more, and have been having panic attacks (quicker panic attacks, most of mine are slow to begin and easier to control).

She’s taught me the grounding methods for dissociation but nothing for the thoughts and “quick-to-panic” attacks.

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