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I’m 22 and I have a 4 year old son I’ve been having really bad anxiety and no one know about it, I don’t want to tell anyone because I’m afraid no one will believe me. I been close to having a panic attack and I don’t know how I control it I’m so scared it will happen in public and people will think I’m crazy. I’m always scared something bad will happen to me or my son and even if I get a phone call I think the worst. Today I took my son for a doctor appointment because he has a little lymph node on his neck it’s nothing bad and there’s nothing to worry about and all of a sudden I broke down in front of the doctor because things like that trigger my anxiety when it comes to my son And the doctor suggested I need help I feel so embarrassed and ridiculous about that happening can someone please give me some advice on what to do.

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First of all, having a panic attack doesnt mean that you're crazy, people who have never experienced it can say whatever they want. I had an attack at work and I continued to work there. Youd be surprised at how many people have the same struggles. Just bc people dont talk it doesnt mean it's not there. Secondly, it's totally understandable to have anxiety when you go in to talk to the dr about your own child & it's normal to feel anxiety it only becomes a problem when u experience panic and or anxiety disrupts your daily life. If u think that your condition is getting worse then seek professional help.

There is no shame to seek help.

Actually, the ones who seek help are the strong ones and have the courage to do so. It's easy to sweep things under the rug but when u work on yourself it's hard but worth every second.

If u need support Im here.

Good luck to u.

I had the same problems. People nowadays are more understanding about anxiety, depression and anxiety attacks. I can help you get through your anxiety attacks, the first thing , tell yourself it's just anxiety and it's going to go away. Take in the deepest breathe of air you can through your NOSE, exhale SLOWLY, through hour MOUTH, make sure you blow all of the air out of your lungs, continue breathing in this manner until the anxiety passes. Most importantly, remember to breathe. When we get scared we tend to hold our breath. Don't!! Remind yourself to breathe... In the nose out the mouth. It should help you once you learn how to do it properly. I am her anytime you need to talk. Please look for a ?licensed therapist who deals Sith panic and anxiety attacks. You need some professional help and possibly some medication to help you through the hardest part. Try to find a good friend that you know won't judge you. There should be a close friend who would be happy just to listen to you talk about what has been going on. Don't be afraid to find someone to talk to. If they don't believe you , perhaps they may not be as good a friend as you had thought. Good luck. Text me ANYTIME! Mistykitten

Your response was awesome. You helped me

Thanks so much, sometimes you wonder if something you say is helping or not.

Thank you all for taking your time to respond to me, hopefully I will be able to control it some days are miserable and other days I feel good and happy and this week has been horrible should I start off by going to therapy ?

Yes, that is a good start. Don't try to control it. I can understand why you would say that but when we try to control it we can stress ourselves out more.

What you want to do is let it pass. I know that sounds scary but you dont want to fight the thoughts and feelings you just want to calm. And you let it pass by the breathing techniques. Meditation can help & excercise to keep the mind calm.

Keep posting on the site if you have anymore questions. Everyone here is very helpful and filled with knowledge.

I agree with Sunnidayz1. Start professional help ASAP, why delay it..... So you can have more panic and anxiety in your life??? Bloop! Get help ASAP! I Couldn't walk to my mailbox for over 2yrs. I started therapy as soon as I found the proper therapist. Within 1 1/2 years, I was driving around San Diego, and earning more money than he was...... Of course that wasn't difficult, he was in the Navy! The sooner you start therapy, the sooner you begin feeling great!!! Best wishes..... Mistykitten

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