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No patience what so ever?


I just want to say before I go on, thank you to all the amazing people that comment and respond to my posts and questions. You all make my day and it's nice knowing 1) other people care 2) some people are going through similar situations as me. Okay I just feel so guility that I have no patience for my beautiful 1 year old son. He's such a good kid but whenever he does normal toddler things , such as ; not wanting to take his nap . I get so mad and frustrated at him. I don't understand why every little thing makes me so angry sometimes. I don't want to feel this way, I want to be happy. But i can't help getting so stressed out and mad over simple things . I then feel extreme guilt that I feel this way, and make myself feel worse. Also my I'm extremely anxious in social situations , just knowing when I have to make small talk with people makes me avoid any social situations. And my poor son, doesn't have any little friends because I'm too socially akward. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm on 25 mg Zoloft and buspar twice a day and while I feel this helps it doesn't help as much as I would like. Does anyone know anything that's good for extreme social anxiety ?

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I worked long and hard on understanding anger, but I didn't read the books by those that read other people's books. In many cases I see anger as fear in disguise. You may not really be angry, you may be afraid. This fear comes from not knowing something (am I a good mom, does my son love me, or I don't know how to act). So to end the anger you have to see if you actually fear something, and then what it is you don't know. Then you would need to either learn about that thing or accept that it is something you do not know.

You can't fix sad if you call it mad. Anger tells me that you care deeply about something or you fear something, Now that you know this you can just learn the anger away.

I am not a doctor or anything of the kind, this is just my own crummy opinions.

I'm am sorry your so frustrated, and the guilt is not helping, but your reaching out and trying to change the situation. I know you have social anxiety, but how would you feel going to a family therapist that may be able to help you with coping skills with your baby. You certainly have some frustration that needs to be addressed so as to feel better as a mom, and learning how to handle things as they come up, naps, etc. is important as the older they get the more issues you will be needing to cope with. If you nip this in the bud now, and continue to learn more coping skills as your baby grows up, by learning parenting skills, it will in the long run probably help you both.


Hi Sweetie,

Ooooh, I can relate. I don't want to of course, but I do. The best thing I can tell you is make yourself work through it. You'll be surprised at the joy the little tyke brings you when you least expect it. I'm socially awkward too...I just happen to be good at acting, lol. I met a couple of Moms on FB that helped a lot...some with similar backstories which was SO helpful. You'd be surprised...the internet has EVERYTHING. You could probably type in "I'm socially awkward and I need playdates for my 1 year old" or whatever. I don't know where you are but I would totally be socially awkward with you so our kids could play and we could discuss society. :)

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