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Sadness for no reason


Hi everyone, I don't know how to narrate this all, I feel sad for apparently no reason. I feel helpless every time I check my social accounts and see people posting about their happy contented lives, it left me with an unexplainable sadness. Thoughts like I'm not good enough, I'm doing nothing with my life, I'll die doing nothing and sitting idle overwhelm me completely. Moreover, I find it hard to engage with people. People take it as rudeness or arrogance where all I face are constant thoughts of what others think about me, they are not giving me importance, my friends are not loyal to me, I'll die helpless and so on...... when at home I constantly talk to myself by creating certain situations in my head or spend my whole day lying in the bed watching some season, procrastinating on important tasks...I just feel helpless about getting up and doing chores that need to be done.

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I would say that there is a reason for your sadness. You are lonely and you are bombarded with negative thoughts. Just a suggestion: take a break from social media until you are strong enough to see positive things that others have without making it a reflection on you. It sounds like social media is making you worse. I had a counselor teach me this, and it really helps. On my worst days, my to-do list is comprised of simple tasks such as brush my teeth, eat, wear clean clothes and drink water. On days when I am a bit stronger, I add a few other things like wash dishes, wash clothes, pick up the house a bit. The focus on getting small things done, and celebrating those things build momentum for me to venture out to do something more.

Additionally, your self talk must be so hard to live with. If you have an actual person standing beside you telling you those things all day, every day, you would go crazy. But that is what we do to ourselves. Find a couple of positive things you can tell yourself each day, several times a day. For example, I feel bad today and I am doing ________ to take care of myself. I feel anxious and I reached out on the board to get support. The word "but" is not allowed.

These are just a few ideas that have helped me. Hang in there.

Tedddy in reply to AZ1970

These are great suggestions. We turn to social media to distract ourselves from the anxiety/sadness/depression/negative thoughts, but end up feeling worse after scrolling. I also take breaks from social media on the days I'm feeling extra terrible, and it's hard but I think it's helpful in not comparing yourself to others. And it's a way to make you face yourself and your thoughts more boldly, without a distraction. You are definitely feeling this way for a reason, or for many reasons. Maybe you don't know what they are yet. And yes, make a to-do list and focus on getting through small tasks first. My days look similar to this comment above. Extra bad day lists are: get out of bed, make my bed, brush my teeth, drink water, check the mail so I get three minutes of sunlight and fresh air. On better days I add in slightly harder things like doing laundry or reading a chapter in a book. Give yourself plenty of rest, but also be sure to do some self-care. Things can get better.

Amazing words! Such a big thanks to you both! I struggle with doing anything, anything at all, I mostly postpone. I have to do list for a month, not for a day, as by day i can hardly accomplish anything. My monthly to do list is probably a dayly one of other people. Those are not big tasks but the one that really need to be done. Still I push them further. The idea of having such small steps is awesome! These are important successes to realize and be proud of! Thank you for sharing!

ardentreader in reply to AZ1970

Good to see someone there to help

Hi this a good place to talk so please talk

ardentreader in reply to Simod73

...I don't know what to talk about... I'm so confused about life....

Simod73 in reply to ardentreader

Hi ware are you fro

Simod73 in reply to Simod73

Good to talk xxa

Simod73 in reply to Simod73

Good morning how are you today

Ignore social media. Most posts and pictures a phony. They are more about bragging than anything else. I have a nephew who suffers from very serious mental illness, but from his social media posts you would think he had a wonderful life.

That is so depressing! I’ve heard about many cases when people committed suicides as they felt as complete nothing (or worse) than all of their “friends” from Facebook feed. Taking into account that those “great people” were also suffering so deeply is completely completely devastating.

Hi ware are you from

I too struggle with people thinking I'm arrogant or rude but down deep I know I'm instead struggling with thoughts of being judged and unwanted. I'm debilitated by my anxiety. I wish my friends and co workers could better understand me. I wish they could see what's its like to walk in my shoes every day.

I quit Facebook two years ago - I struggle with depression and anxieties but honestly it would be much worse with Facebook. Maybe the first couple of months I felt excluded but then wow! I no longer pretend that I know what’s going on with all my friends lives. They no longer feel that they know me cause I posted the picture of my dog ;P When I’m at any party, most of the talks are about who posted what and where... and who knows who... cause they liked each other posts. That’s terrible sense of being “social”.

I don’t use Facebook at all. I never had any other account. I don’t check my phone every minute. Even if I see messages and get to read them, I sense if they need an instant reply. If not I usually take some time or even days. I keep my phone on Sleeping mode most of the time. That’s from anxiety but also because of the increasing pressure of being online all the time. I hate that pressure. That is not real at all. Quit. You will feel better.

Hi ardentreader,

I also lay all day in bed. And I’m a huge procrastinator because I skip appointments and people are irritated with me.

I tell myself I’m going to get up and do something. It never do it. I tell myself, tomorrow or the next day. I honestly don’t know how everyone gets to where they’re going.

So I get you. I’m going to run some errands tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Baby steps. ❤️❤️❤️

dee_bells in reply to dee_bells

Well, I’ve been awake for four hours, tried to go back to sleep but I’m going to fluff my hair, slap on minimal makeup and run a few errands. I’ll let you know if I make it to the car. Lol

Wow I totally get running through scenarios in my head and talking to myself - I actually just talked to my therapist about this. Know that you aren’t alone in this :)

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