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I did it!

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I met with a group I joined and went to paint nite. I was exhausted but I made myself. Let’s face it sometimes we have to force it. Everyone was so nice. It was like I had been with them all along! Once I met the first person which was the organizer by chance the nerves disappeared. It was fun. Of course painting and not being very good at it was nerve racking. I kept making mistakes. Then it came together in the end. My husband seemed very happy about it and hung it on the wall. I’m not sure about all that. I’ll take it down. It’s rather Halloween looking if you ask me. That’s the one we signed up for though. Not my choice. I’m already looking for another one I can go to with group or alone. I got appetizer and sweet tea. Hardly anyone from our group drank alcohol. I didn’t eat much. Once you start painting it’s hard but I had some for when I came home. My GPS got me lost but then I set it again and it took me straight there. I was going slow when I knew it was close not knowing parking or the exact spot and a car kept its horn on the whole time instead of passing me. It made me slightly anxious but then I thought it was funny. He had another lane to pass me. Duh! So I just went slow. I had my happy music jamming pumping me up so that’s his problem not mine. I was so happy when I came home! ❤️ I want to go to Southern Womens Show tomorrow but I work afterwards and it would be too much. Trying to decide if I feel like working today instead so I can go but I’m tired. Haven’t decided. Must decide soon. I’m not sure I’ll feel like going tomorrow if I work tonight night either though. Bad hip, back and legs. I can barely handle it when I don’t have something fun to do and I work. I would be off at 8:00 though. I could sleep. 🤔🤔🤔

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There's no way I could have painted something like that. No way... I had to look

several times at your painting, it's more than great. It reminds me of the artist on tv

who does trees and landscapes. Great job... xx

It’s tricks. It’s not hard. They do it every tiny step at a time. It’s not straight painting. They tell you how to touch it. I went to a sip and paint almost 6 years ago and it was awful. You make marks. Then at the end it’s a painting. I was doubting the whole time but decided to just say, “who cares”. My first time my husband said to put that on my side. He was not impressed. I couldn’t do anything by myself. The group has chosen the painting they want to do. I would not have chosen that one. Now hearing light even in the darkness makes it mean more. I stopped by the store I work at and they wanted to see my painting. A customer offered me $81.50 for my painting. I said hey I’m an artist! Make it $2000, 00. 😂 Then I left! If I go more though maybe I would sell it. I don’t like that particular painting. Doesn’t go with my decor. I just wanted to have it to remind me of a fun night. Paint nite is all around the US. I highly recommend it! Even alone you’re not alone! It’s so awesome! ANYONE can do it. It’s just marks they show you completely and it turns into a painting. My first time I was so nervous. Not as good. 6 years ago. I’ll post my flop. It’s just fun!

So I need to understand, you are not an artist? Say like you were painting at home as a hobby? I find that incredible, apparently the customer that offered you $81.50 :) Nothing like getting a painting from a famous artist down the road. :) xx Amazing..

Hopeful-Tinkerbell it's beautiful... wow. I don't see Halloween at all.... see light even in darkness. You should be proud & even prouder for going. And your husband putting it up.... maybe there's hope. Keep moving forward... you are a beautiful person, we all see it here... others should see that too. Have a great day sweetheart.

Your painting is magical with its highlights against the dark... really besutiful!

I just noticed it has such depth to it too!

I never once thought about what was going on at home while I was there

Clap, Clap , Clap...now take a bow!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU did it! The painting is beautiful!!! XXX

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That’s not a good picture but it wasn’t about the painting but the experience. ❤️

Paint nite has an app to find one and sign up. They have locations all across the US. It was very therapeutic. No problems there. If you mess up who cares! It’s an experience. I was so upset my first time. Anxious. Did not do well. This time I focused on the experience. Mine was far from the best but not the worst either.

"painting and not being very good at it." Hmm

I would LOVE to be your kind of not very good at at it! :)

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You are sweet but they literally show you every mark to make then you look up when done and it’s a painting. So fun!

That’s so awesome. I love those paint nights. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body but it’s amazing how they show you to paint it. So fun!!!

It's beautiful

Hi there tinkerbell proud of the picture you painted keep it up it would brighten the group up ! Take care my friend david

Thanks! ❤️

Have you ever thought of selling it ? Its of a saleable quality dont sell your self short david x

Looks like you had a major turning point and fun doing it like I had fun at quilting classes . It feels good doesn't it?

Yes. I can’t wait to go back! It’s fun.

so glad you found your niche Hopeful-Tinkerbell and best of all, got your mind off the heavy stuff. Pretty painting ! sounds like you are inspiring your husband too.

He’s been better seeing me change. I think. He asked me to go to movies this weekend. I just waited. Of course he cancelled. I said good because I have plans. I’m going out! He’s paying attention. A little.

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