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Is it bad that I did this?


So... I'm constantly picked on for the way I dress and shit like that and today i had enough so I went up to the person who was making fun of me and said "you can make fun of me when you lose ten pounds.". I feel like a peice of shit because usually I'm really nice, but today was the last straw. I have no idea how to handle it seeing as I don't want my emotions to make me be a little bitch and apologize for my reaction when he was being a dick. I also feel bad because as someone with a past eating disorder this is real shitty.

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ignore the ignorant I say what you are and not what other people say or think.even if you put on another 20 pounds no one has a right to judge you.ignore them stand tall walk on by.

I wouldn't worry about it. If it is out of character for you then hopefully it will have shocked them and they leave you alone now. You only stood up for yourself so I say 👏👏👏👏

No this doesn't make you bad - it makes you a human being with feelings. Tomorrow is another day - apologize if you like but this person needs to know that karma's a bitch sometimes.

Don't apologise or confuse niceness with being a mug! x

Don’t regret what you said. Sometimes we have to stick up for ourselves. And you’re obviously a much nice person because you actually feel bad for what you said when I’m sure that person doesn’t care how they treat you. Next time ignore this person. They have no right to make fun of you. It’s not a good feeling and it hurts us!! I’m proud of you!

Hey DollJuice.

Anger and frustration boils up to a point , for instance , you can only fill a glass up so much until the liquid spills over , the liquid being anger and frustration.

Unfortunately there are somethings we cannot stop in life , and these are one of the things.

I have been bullied throught my life .

And I found that , as much as many say , it is only because they themselves are insecure and therefor need to find fulfillment in other ways and therefor result to bringing others down , I never believed this . But trust me.

It is so true , hurting other peoples feelings and bring other people down , somehow makes them feel better about themselves.

More than anything I think you did well.

You didn't say anything TOO bad.

And you stood up for yourself most importantly.

I know that the eating disorder, makes you feel a sense of empathy because you don't want anyone else to have to go through that... and that's okay . That just means you have a big heart and with a big heart comes great responsibility, and everything will be ten times .

The next time someone insults you.

Be psychological about it.

Make yourself feel good in a different way.

You might laugh at me ... or what I am saying.

But for instance when someone insults you , give them a compliment, and tell them everything's going to be okay , and just walk away , they will yap back behind you and try to say more things to hurt you , but deep down , that will really hit them deeper than you know and maybe even make them take a second look at who they really are.

This made me feel a shit ton better.

I am really really happy to hear that ♡

Best of luck DollJuice !

No, you are just human. Don’t worry about it. Saying something is good. When I was younger I can not tell you how many times people, mostly in my family, delighted in constantly insulting me.p and making me the brunt of their ridicule and jokes. I was the different one in the family(thank God). I mean I was lucky I wasn’t like them because they were very mean, uncaring people. I am talking about being 6 or younger when I remember it . I felt totally awful about myself. My mother was was a real sick lady and no, I did not feel sorry for her after I recovered.

I was being abused from an early age. She even knew about other abuse and let it go. Looking at photos of myself, I looked like this very sad little girl, unconnected to my body with dead, glazed over eyes.

Having to grow up this way, I never learned how to take care of myself. It took me a very long time to learn to protect myself and not let anyone do this to me. My family essentially murdered my spirit.

I get very angry when I hear about bullying and people not being held accountable. It should NOT be that way. In fact, people who just ignore it should be held accountable too. Children need to be protected.

So I didn't mean to go off ranting. It is important to stick up for yourself and you will develop a way that is more comfortable for you in time. I agree with what others said here. As an adult you need to respect yourself.

Have you ever just said, Excuse me !? in a perturbed sort of way, and then glared at them. I find most people back down if you directly stand up to them and stare and look angry to let them know you are. Then sometimes just shaking you head and smiling seems to work. Sort of like sure, there you go being a dick again! Lots of things work, but I think you need to react in an appropriate way. By that I mean appropriate as in let them know you did not like it and will not allow it. The heck with worrying about them, they do not deserve that caring. I can’t be a turn the other cheek kind of person. I have taken enough in my life already. Let’s give our feeling to those who deserve it. Some people are just evil and mean. be honest.... it's hard not to react to a constant bully.... and because you actually felt bad about what you said says so much about what a good person you are that you cared enough to see it wasn't cool....but at the same did also stick up for yourself... Maybe not the way you would want to in future....but at least you decided to fight back. Too many people are bullied and it destroys them....Don't be too hard on yourself, your doing the right thing sticking up for yourself, and you'll find better comebacks that aren't mean, but will do the job all the same.

I'm sorry but instead of 10 pounds, you should have said 20 pounds. ☻😈 Enough is enough with bullying!!

I think it was a knee jerk reaction and the fact that you feel bad about it proves to me that you are a good person. To be honest I think what you said was pretty funny and very well may be exactly what he deserved, you probably earned yourself a bit of respect to. I don’t think anymore needs to be said or done on your part. Good on you I say x


You handled that better than I would've. I'd have punched them in the face

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