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Is it shock or what?


Got some of the worst news I've heard today. I'm not crying and I keep forgetting about it. I was devastated at first, but I kinda just feel out of it now. Am I just extremely in shock? I feel horrible and extremely depressed but I'm not responding how I thought I would. Maybe I'm going numb, I don't know at this point. I'm going to feel like I'm dying when it truly hits me..

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OK, what was the news?

Kitty487 in reply to HearYou

I don't feel comfortable explaining it all..

HearYou in reply to Kitty487

OK. You are not going to die unless you have a serious heart or other medical condition that you might want to have checked out.

Its very difficult to know what type of support you are asking for or we may be able to offer when you post something like this then say you don't want to explain why. Wish I could offer more, but don't know how.

Maybe I am little tired from responding to other posts today when few others are. So hopefully someone else can figure out how to help. xx

kenster1 in reply to Kitty487

hi kitty sorry to hear that your suffering.if your in shock its natural for you be unable to get out what your trying to say specially to people on here you don't know.would you feel better talking it over with your family or a close friend.if you want support on here that's great but your not in any pressure to disclose anything if you don't want too.take your time relax have a think about your problem then make a decision.people here will do there best to help.

Hi I am so sorry to hear this. I think you could well be in shock. I know I tend to react to very bad news like you are and it will suddenly hit me later. Just remember to look after yourself and treat yourself well as this should help a bit. x

Kitty487 in reply to hypercat54

I think it's starting to. And it's not going to be good or get better

hypercat54 in reply to Kitty487

No I don't expect it will. I am so sorry as it does sound horrible for you. I find it helps me to remember that time is a great healer though it won't seem like that right now. Just try and take life easy for a while while you are going through the shock. x

Kitty487 in reply to hypercat54

I have been waiting. Months and months. It hasn't gotten any better.

Sorry? I am a bit confused now. You said this happened yesterday? x

Kitty487 in reply to hypercat54

No today..

Ok today then. How can you have been waiting months and months? x

Kitty487 in reply to hypercat54

No, my severe depression and anxiety have been very bad for months and months. I've felt like my feet are dragging. I'm just so impatiently waiting to get better. But it's not, and when I do think it is, the world shows me, yet again, that it's a cruel cruel world out there.. and then I start to wonder what I did to feel this way. To feel emotionally torchured..

You didn’t do anything wrong to feel whatever you’re feeling...anxiety or otherwise.

I was having anticipatory anxiety last night pretty badly. Finding a post on Facebook, of all places, helped put it in perspective. It is what it is.

When I thought about it I relized I wasn’t actually having a panic attack, so that helped.

I hate anxiety, fear, depression, ocd.

You have my sympathy.

I got a diagnosis of macular degeneration2 years go. God hasn’t let me go blind yet, and I keep thanking Him for that. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now I am grateful.


Kitty487 in reply to Sewcoolsue

Wow you seem like such a strong person for dealing with all of that. It really is hard, to deal with life and all. Especially when I feel like everything isn't going positive.

Hi my Dad has had macular degeneration for years and he's fine, thank God. He was told to take Vitalux vitamins twice a day which are specifically designed for this. I hope you were told to do this?

Kitty487 in reply to Francesca61

What kind of vitamins are those? They help depression?

Francesca61 in reply to Kitty487

Hi no for the macular degeneration Sewcoolsue has😊

I was told to take lutein with zeaxanthin everyday. Plus I use my Notal Vision Monitor each day which is supposed to pick up on changes in my macula before I would notice. They send a monthly report to my retina specialist. And of course I see him frequently.

My biggest battles are in my mind, and I think that’s true for most if us.

Thanks for the encouragement about your dad. I’ll pray for him, you, and me! ❤️

Hi I'm going to look into the notal vision monitor. His Dr never mentioned this. Yes the lutein and zeaxanthin are in the Vitalux vitamins. I'll pray for you too! 😊

it might be shock. one of my friends killed himself and i didn't know how to react. it hit me two days later and i was devastated. my brain just couldn't believe it or process it

Kitty487 in reply to Tinabum

Yeah I think that's what's happening to me... I don't want to see the storm

I just saw this post and had to respond because of how relatable it is. I think it could be shock and the best thing to do, even though it's so hard to do, is to release all those trapped emotions by talking to someone or writing them down;I think you will feel a lot better after. If you want to private message me and just rant please do xx

Kitty487 in reply to itsfine

I've cried a couple times since. Once was really bad because I was shaking and hyperventilating and I couldn't stop it. The past two days have been this dreaded horrible deep depression that is just sticking in my stomach. I'm not hungry and I know I need to cry again. I just don't know if I'll be able to stop..

You are venting and do not need to explain yourself. This is a judgement free zone.

Kitty487 in reply to gogogirl

Thank you. It's really hard right now, trying to deal with it all. My stomach is hurting and I have severe depression. I see my Psychiatrist tomorrow and my counselor on Tuesday. I'm just going to tell them everything.

itsfine in reply to Kitty487

I think that it is the best idea. I hope and think that by confronting the full reality of how you are feeling, your health will improve mentally and physically.

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