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Is this normal?

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I have struggled with anxiety and depression for quite some time now. Lately, I've had an extra hard time due to circumstances in my life and the depression is taking a toll that's greater than normal.

I seem to be extremely exhausted, no matter if I drink caffeine or get enough sleep, I just want to sleep all day. I have zero energy.. barely any energy or desire to keep conversations going with people. Lightheaded, fatigued, my appetite is diminished, I feel hopeless, I cry at anything, I want to be isolated and alone, and I just feel very physically unwell.

Is this normal for people who suffer from depressive episodes? I'm at a loss lately.

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I feel the same way every day , I don’t wanna accept that this is my life now

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rachel913 in reply to Roxx14

It's truly horrible. I don't wish this upon my worst enemy. Invisible illnesses are truly the worst.

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Roxx14 in reply to rachel913

Me either sometimes I can be sitting down having dinner at my parents house and I get this huge wave of dizziness and shaky weird feeling and I have to get up and walk it off and I feel so out of place cause everyone around me is happy and healthy but me it’s really depressing living like this

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rachel913 in reply to Roxx14

I hope things get easier for you, I truly do xx. I feel dizzy and lightheaded constantly, I have for over a year now with no relief. I tend to believe I'm a kind person who wants to make a difference in the world yet I'm unable to do much of anything and it truly hurts. None of this feels fair to me..

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Roxx14 in reply to rachel913

Thank u I hope the same for u , when u get the dizzy feeling what do u do to feel okay again ?

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rachel913 in reply to Roxx14

Since it's constant, I have just sort of learned to live with it. Typically laying down makes it feel better and more manageable but that's obviously not the best suggestion. Wish I was more helpful but I haven't even really been able to help myself yet :(

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Want2BHappy3 in reply to Roxx14

I lye down and put a cold cloth over my face

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jan_ET in reply to Roxx14

Im exactly the same but I believe its my job - try and get in touch with a support group and really push yourself to do it - that really is the answer - take care jan

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Want2BHappy3 in reply to Roxx14

You too, I've been getting shakey at times. Feels weird, I can't explaine Why? I think the constant stress has maybe damaged my nervous system? Trying so hard to get through this because I also suffer from diabetes and I'm 63 years old. Kinda don't care if I wake up or not don't get me wrong I wouldnt take my own life or anything like that. God decides that. Maybe he'll take me out of my suffering. I don't pray for that, but I pray for his HELP🙏🏼

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Pocha45 in reply to rachel913

I say the samething all the time mines hit me hard out of no where after 7 freaking years. .messed up my whole life. I had to leave my job lost my friends just really i have to rebuild all that is lost and my self esteem is really down.

If you only knew! Im surprised no one has yet replied!

The typical symptom of depression is being unusually tired! It takes a lot of energy to be depressed and it puts your mind in a very tired state.

Dont you worryyy! Do you not take antidepressants? If you're only suffering from depression it would help you feel alot more energised! You're probably lacking alot of substances in your brain from being so depressed and unhappy that in order to restore your energy you'd have to take medicine to get it all balanced.

You know when you're depressed theres bad hormones floating in your blood :(

(but of course im not a doctor)

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rachel913 in reply to Catahrina

I've been on escitalopram 15 mg for almost a year now for anxiety and depression. While it's helped with my anxiety, it's not helped with my depression much. But at the same time I don't think any pill can help with how incredibly difficult life has been for me over the past 1.5 years. So I'm at a loss. I just want to feel better and full of life again like I used to be.

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Catahrina in reply to rachel913

Probably the wrong medication. Different medications work for different people.

Have your doctor checked you for other possible causes for your depression since it wont go away with medication? For example thyroid status?

Have you tried KBT of any sort? Might help.

But- I believe you need to work yourself up. By medication or not, you need to find that strength in yourself. Your positive strength.

Been there, done that. Hope you'll feel better soon.

in reply to rachel913

Hiya, sorry to hear about your difficult time. I agree that you should definitely have your medication reviewed, but by a specialist in this field. Many local doctors just do not have the expert knowledge. Anxiety and depression are different, so you may need a combination that works for you. Apart from that there are a number of things which may help, most of which I'm sure you are aware of: counselling, diet, exercise, meditation, new hobbies and interests, reviewing all aspects of your life and making changes that will benefit you. Most of all be kind and gentle with yourself (and others), take one step at a time, and focus on your health and happiness. Take care,

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Tutumama in reply to rachel913

I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. It's taken me trial and error with many different depression meds over the last 20 yrs. Some worked for awhile and then seemed to lose their affect so then i would have to go through changing and trying to find a new one. Could you talk to your Dr and let them know your thoughts on this one, how it isn't helping the depression but is the anxiety? It may be time for a change and i know there's a med out there to help you, there is no reason we should accept being miserable in our lives....learned a long time ago! I have MDD so it took a lot of different meds to find my right combo and i pray you find yours too. You're NOT alone and don't ever hesitate to post or msg if you just need someone to talk to. I lost my son to SIDS almost 20 yrs ago and that's what started mine. Now i am sending my 18 yr old off to the Navy tomorrow and I'm waiting on that wave to come too....Best of luck and hugs!

You described my life right now also. The only difference is that I can’t sleep. I am exhausted and have been staying in bed all day, but my anxiety is so bad that I can’t fall asleep. If I do doze off I am awake within minutes feeling the anxiety again. I’m hoping maybe after 3 or 4 nights of this I will be able to sleep again.

Hope you can find some relief.

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rachel913 in reply to Lostjoy

Gosh, I hope you can find some relief too. Knowing that we aren't alone is definitely some relief in itself it's just so hard. I hate being alone and feeling like this, yet I don't want to interact with anyone.. sigh

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Lostjoy in reply to rachel913

Same here. I don’t want to be around anyone.

Hi Rachel, I identify with all of those, when i’m really down. I’m not sure if it’s normal! I have to do baby steps. And I mean baby steps ( getting out of bed having a walk up and down the stairs) and start making your way back. We all deserve happiness, even though we have to fight for it. When it does come, it’s glorious and that’s what you need to remember, it really is worth fighting for 🌸🌸🌸

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rachel913 in reply to Denhans

Thank you for your positivity, it's all very much welcomed during this hard time! I wish you the best on your journey as well xx. Stay strong!

I'm sorry to hear you've been going through a bad time recently, and I hope things improve for you soon. What you describe sounds similar to my experiences when I've been at my worst. I think it is possible to get better though. My experience with medication is that it's never been able to sort me out by itself, but it has given me the headspace I needed to make changes in my life that have eventually led to me feeling better.

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rachel913 in reply to rsslldnphy

I seem to go through phases, some days my anxiety will be worse but others the depression will be worse. Medication is iffy.. it helps to an extent but not enough to make a significant dent in the people who are severely anxious and depressed, in my opinion. Hoping this rough patch will lift soon. Thank you for your response x.

Yep classic examples..Just be aware your not alone..reverse your thoughts and go through your motions..I know it's hard but only you can help yourself..Its ok..your inner self is talking to you telling you to do something else to get you back on the track your meant to be on..also what are your circumstances that get you off track?..lve been like this for a year as well.. depleted, withered..I too want to make a difference in the world and have no clue either..My chest is about to burst in wanting to get this out and do that something..but I know I will one day, the day I will thank this illness for guiding me there..and thank God for giving me the strength and courage in not losing need darkness for stars to shine..and you are a star..

Normal is tough word to define :). I think in life we have ups and downs. In situations we have to decide how we are going to handle these turns in our lives. Sometimes they feel very unmanageable and we feel bad, anxious or depressed. These can be episodes and do pass. I think the important thing to realize is FEELINGS and EMOTIONS are normal. You have a right to feel down and a right to feel good. This just makes you a caring person. I try to remember that this too shall pass and it usually does. Sometimes it takes a day.. sometimes a week or longer, but it passes. You are not alone and dont worry so much about NORMAL. You feel the way you do and that makes YOU.. who you are.

Yes it's normal and your not alone. I'm sorry your having a rough time. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially its so tough to dig yourself out.

Absolutely, quite normal, I have looked at my diet recently, and am seeing small improvements, it’s normal to feel tired, a lot. Xxx take care of you, get out if you can, sometimes I just walk round the block and look up. Xx

Unfortunately it is Normal, this may sound terrible but I'll go for weeks at a time not bathing, brushing my hair, or barely eating. I don't have energy or just don't CARE??? My finances are a MESS. My kids treat me terrible because they don't understand??? I need to get out of here, thinking about even sleeping in my car? I can't rent an apartment credits in the toilet. I feel so alone and lost. 😞

I have had a ruff 5 years resulting in depression and anxiety feeling tired becoming more and more reclusive becoming light headed to the point of thinking I would pass out. I tried meds but being a musician they leveled me out to the point my performances became passionless. I've discovered meditation and mindfulness slowing the mind relaxing my body and being in the present has help me tremendously

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Florida1959 in reply to Fender62

Fantastic I too have found meditation and hypnosis great, xxx

Well, I have had similar experiences.

I’m going through the exact same thing, you’re not alone. I’m extremely depressed and feel hopeless. Beside having to go to work, I have no desire to go out. I just started to do some guided meditation and deep breathing on YouTube, I don’t know what else to do. It’s horrible! I hope you find something that makes you feel better!

Hi :) yes this is quite normal for a depressive episode. Very normal. Try and do things to stay occupied and up and moving. Just laying around will make things much worse.,

exactly the same I have been on about 4 different types of antidepressants some help with depression and not anxiety and some vice versa . The one I am on now is ok but doesn't deal with all and only sleep for about 3 hours a night but don't feel to bad the next day although it will probably catch up on me it also made me lose a stone in weight in a month but my appetite is back . Try some fruit as a snack and get some vitamins hope you keep up with trying to find the right balance .I still avoid people like the plague though

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