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Feel hopeless


I am new to the group and have bad anxiety and panic disorder. I had a double bypass four years ago and have bad health anxiety. I worry constantly about everything, am always nervous and anxious...cannot find peace of mind I am on xanax and sertraline which help some but do not solve the problem. I need some advice and encouragement on how to handle these feelings and be able to enjoy life again.

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Hello again. Did you have an opportunity to read all the posts and replies to Trees I suggested? There is literally 10 or more months of very good support and replies there.

Do you have friends or family nearby? Do u have a hobby that you would like to get back into? I would start by doing some small things to make u happy each day. A walk, nature, family, etc. then remind yourself that your are healthy and strong. There are many people suffering out there so be gracious and even try to lend a hand to others in their time of need. I’ve found it makes me feel better because I’m able to concentrate on others and stop ruminating in my own head. I wish you the best. You will be just fine. One day soon you will wake up and say, enough!!! I’m ready for peace.



Thank you for your reply. I appreciate them all!

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