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Bad times now; need a network of people

Hello; my name is Dustin. I have had OCD (Hypochondria) for well over a decade now, but that is not the major issue at this point. About a month ago after a big event (wife cheated) I started getting panic attacks again (I used to have them in the past) and they are at like 4 or 5 a day now. It is becoming unbearable. I forgot how to manage them, because I haven't had one for 4+ years now. They are life wrecking, and I just want to find support and people who understand to talk to, or help me through this.

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Panic sucks. Breathe and stay present.. Meds like Ativan help a lot but not for long term - just emergencies. See doc for that. This works for me - * Just because you think it does not make it true. Good luck.


I am here to support you. Just let me know how. If you want someone to talk to about things. I’ll try to understand. I know you can do it. Panic attacks really sucks as I have them also. They dont easily go.


Hi DustinS85, I'm so sorry the panic attacks are back full force. Because you are dealing with 4-5 a day, I would suggest seeing a therapist who could help you through your most recent stressor in your marriage. If need be short time medication may be warranted in lowering your anxiety which will allow you to find other methods to reduce the stress. This is where the forum can help you with comfort, understanding and support. There are many ways to reduce anxiety. I prefer Meditation and DeepBreathing several times a day. You first need to work out your issues in your marriage. Remember we cannot control other's actions but we can control how we react to them.


I'm sorry about what's happening in your life. Know it's not your fault and you can't control it.

Deep breathing and meditation, yes those are good. Therapy and a doctor for meds are also good. You might try CBD oil. It's the non-euphoric inducing part of the hemp/cannabis plant called cannabidiol. It can help ease both pain and anxiety and is perfectly legal everywhere. I use it from time to time and I'm clean and sober for over nine years. I prefer to use it rather than the very low dose of alprazolam that my doctor prescribed because it's non-addictive.

Maybe think about couple's counseling also, if your wife is willing.

I'm more than happy to chat with you anytime. I understand anxiety and depression. I've been cheated on, so I know how you feel. Hang in there, Dustin. Big hugs. ❤


Hey DustinS85, that is horrible and you do not deserve that. No one does. Practicing mindfulness has really helped me. Try it out and be thankful for your moments of clarity and stay strong! You can do this. Stay blessed


I say to myself as one starts... rolling thru, riding over, a wave that is my body -- my mind can hold on to this is ok, I'm ok.

Often I just pace or walk in the yard. The routine is satisfying.

Your powerful Dustin


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