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Hey guys it's been 2 months since I spoke..nothing has changed I just became more depressed,Tired and thinking of giving up.. I find everything useless and I don't know how to change ..my breathing became a voluntary thing where I always think about it and it hurts I physically have chest pain and bones pop while breathing as if it's an effort also my ribs hurt a lot,I cry all the time and I feel my heart is weak, I am going to start taking Zoloft of 50 mg.. I'm also so lost in life where I don't what to study nor where...im stuck in an illusion I'm always in a derealization state..

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Hi Rafi, I know how that feels sweetie. To be so down you don't even want to get out of bed. People keep on telling you to just "be happy" or "strong" & you just wanna slap the shit outta them, lol!

I know sweetie, I know. Believe me when I tell you there's allot of Rafis out there. Hey, at least your not alone. Look for something to look forward to and to hold on to. Don't ever feel ashamed for how you feel honey.

People who're depressed are simply more sensitive to this fucked up world and so called life. So don't feel bad.

Blessed are those who morn now for they shall be comforted...

Jesus ~

P.S. I'm not religious. I just really like that saying. Talk to me anytime. I'm not always here but I can try to be here for you. Hold on to the light.

Peace. Rebekah ~

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Hello Fellow sufferer. This is Sprinkle 1. Have you read my trial on suffering over the past few months? As of now I am quite whole. I like to make jokes about myself, just got out of the "Nut House" Thur. ( my 6th trip and my life.) Feel pretty close to whole again, depression just a vague shadow. Anxiety (that wanted to kill me) is GONE. So far only one small panic attack in 3 days. Took idiot Doctors to sort me out (they messed me up with the wrong meds, now I feel like myself again. . Wow??!! ! I am BiPolar 11 and must be on Lithium. A new illness for me Anxiety, so also take Busbar. I feel happy, no need to cry, anxiety is almost gone.

I say to you, come back hear, read our words, some to do apply, but there are gains of salt you can leave, take the good stuff, share with us, that is how w grow. Mental Health is a world wide problem and needs to be addressed the same way we do with the flu,

Sending You Love, Peace courage and Good Health. Sprinkle 1


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