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It’s getting to be too much

Yesterday was horrible for my anxiety. I had what I classify as 3 small anxiety attacks. I can’t breath well, there is a lump in my throat, I can’t focus or calm down, and I cry for no reason. It’s getting to be so awful and I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried talking to a counselor in the past but she didn’t help. I’m hoping to see a therapist soon but I get so scared.

I don’t know how to solve these problems in the moment and it’s what I really need. I don’t like talking about my feelings or problems and I feel like I burden or annoy people when I do it so it makes it even harder.

If there’s any tips on calming anxiety attacks please let me know. I’ve tried breathing exercises but it’s getting to a point where it’s too difficult to stop and I’m so scared of it happening in class.

I’m usually okay with calming myself down throughout the day but I’m so nervous that since it’s been worse recently that I won’t be able to control it at all. Thank you.

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Dont be scared. You are not alone in this. That therapist was no good but they are not all like that, it's important you make an appointment soon so you can learn to manage the anxiety better.

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You are not a burden! That’s first thing I have to say to you, you are not a burden. Yes you may feel like you don’t have control over things now, but you can regain control. Those symptoms can be managed. They can be managed to the point that you can be free of them for years. Schedule an appointment with a therapist, please do reach out for professional help. For the time being if breathing techniques aren’t working, try grounding techniques I wrote a post about it, they work for me so they might work for you too

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