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If it’s not broke don’t fix it!

When My husband’s psychiatrist moved on for some reason his chart did not get passed on to anyone and I could not get anyone in the hospital to refill the meds he had been taking for over 6 years. His primary care physician would not prescribe Xanax, his personal choice, gave him clonazepam. He became agitated and eventually physical towards me. He had never once been aggressive towards me in 15 years. Went back and explained the changes since the med change, he did not take me seriously and he gave him a refill of clonazepam. My husband would not take it again and also stopped taking Effexor, 4 yrs have passed off his meds, worst time ever!

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I feel so bad for the both of you. But right now i'm dealing with anxiety attack and this depression that feels my chest is being sucked into me and think on how many doctors won't prescribe meds that helped in the past because they have stopped prescribing that type of medication. I don't know if they are afraid of lawsuits or more likely, their jeopardizing their licenses because the FDA is clamping down on these drugs. There are abusive cases with these medications, I know. But just because some have abused them now we all have to pay the price? That is like not prescribing morphine to a cancer patient in pain because morphine is widely abused! Our 'pain' is as powerful, if not more so, than pain caused by physical diseases (in fact, as we learn more we are finding that the source of our depression/anxiety is in fact physical, not strictly psychological) yet our pain is viewed almost as imaginary. That somehow we are trying to get our hands on 'drugs'.

I don't know why I'm even writing this. Perhaps to feel I'm interacting with someone and not all alone. But a group of mental health patients should be formed to address this issue as it has gotten out of hand and will probably continue to get worse over time. I read somewhere CVS is going to start selling prescriptions for only 1 weeks worth of medication. How stupid! What will this accomplish? If someone is going to OD they can just go by some chemical that will poison them more effectively than OD'ing on a prescription.

Well, I hope your husband (and the rest of us) gets some help with what he needs. Doctors used to be compassionate and caring. I thought that was the gist of their hypocratic oath. What will the future bring? I'm afraid to think about it.

God bless you folks.


These Doctors may As well ship all mental health patients to a deserted island and leave them stranded! If patients can’t get the medications thAt actually work for each individual then why do we even need doctors! These pill popping, doctor chasing low life patients have played A big part in the downfall of the mental health system


You Are not alone! I know that talking helps my husband make it thru an anxiety Attack A lil easier. I hope u get some relief really soon so you can rest!


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