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That’s it!

I learned that the moment I stopped battling my anxiety, it lost its power over me. I’ve come to the point where I said to myself “f*** it, if its my destiny to go crazy, then fine”. I stopped worrying about the things that I cannot control. If it’s bound to happen it will, no amount of worrying can stop it. The future is inevitable, what will happen will happen. I’m just gonna enjoy every moment. this anxiety, I won’t let it stop me from living my life. It can tell me to just give up, but I won’t. It is hard but I know it will be worth it in the end.

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Well done you. Good luck.

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Well done! Am trying to do the same: yesterday I was like if am bound to go crazy I will go crazy, if am bound to die I will die, if am bound to have those annoying thoughts I will have those annoying thoughts. I can’t do more. I do all that am supposed to do: I take my medication, I do therapy, I work out, I keep going on with my natural life, what else is there to do. Let the thoughts scare me I have no control


Thoughts are just thoughts. They can’t upset us but they can never harm us.


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