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Having headaches very often.

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Hi people i wanna share something with you. I've been having headaches frequently, when i take naps and get up, when i get up in the mornings, when i finish my meals, etc. I am not a person that suffer from this at all but my emotional state is very down right now. I spend all day thinking of my ex, my old life and how much i would love to have my it back. I am not helping myself but i can't do too much, i can't get over this, i feel so alone and sad and still love him so much.

How can i recover when the person i love the most is out there doing his life without me. I never wanted this. I keep dreaming of him so much almost every night

Days like today i would love to disappear

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What do you take for the headaches? I find that sometimes if I am anxious about something I get zonked and even heavier eyes. I try to go for walks , and do more deep breathing , and it seems to help a little. I hope you feel better. How do you like your new job? I hope you are meeting some nice people and starting to enjoy your work. I hope you feel better.

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vanessi in reply to gogogirl

i am not taking anything for headches, well just aspirin and today i felt my eyes heavy. Well my job is ok but sometimes i don't wanna go, it is nothing do with the job it is cos i am so depressed and i am not meeting new people i just go do my job then leave.

My heart and my life is destroyed and there is nothing i can do

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Agora1 in reply to vanessi

The headaches dear vanessi sound like tension headaches from the ongoing stress you are going through. I know right now you are just going through the motions in life including while at your job as well. You have nothing left to give, you gave your all to your ex. I know your heart is torn to pieces but your life is not destroyed. As with anxiety, broken relationships need time to go forward again. There is not a magic pill unfortunately. Time will help heal your broken heart. You can't force the issue, it will happen when you are ready.

Take one day at a time, live in the moment, don't look back to the past or forward to the future. We only have the present, make it count. You are young, you are beautiful, life happens when we least expect it. I wish you peace of mind and body. Hugs, xx

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vanessi in reply to Agora1

Thanks for your words, It's been almost 2 months since the breakup and i don't feel better. I miss him every day more, he is always on my mind, i dream of him almost every night. I feel my heart and my love destroyed, nothing makes me happy, i am not into anything. Every day when i wake up i think "just another day, nothing will happen, my day is a circle, a routine, the way that my life will be.

I don't want another love, i don't want other friends, i don't want anything. Right now my fav place is my bed.

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gogogirl in reply to vanessi

Sounds like you live with family, right? I am sure that is a good matter- and meeting new people can help brighten your work and other parts of life as well. I am sure you know that since you are a bright woman. I hope that if this does not change that see a counselor and /or physician.

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vanessi in reply to gogogirl

I don't know but i do feel bad, really bad.

Even if it won't necessarily make the headaches go away (especially if they're caused by stress), it's important to make sure you're eating balanced meals, taking a supplement or multivitamin if you like, and getting some level of exercise. I know that's such stereotypical advice, but just small acts of self-care can go a long way to easing physical and mental symptoms. Even if it feels like it's pointless or too little to matter, I can assure you from experience that it can have a big impact. ^^

Stay strong!

But I don't even want to leave my bed in the mornings. I'm at this point of my life I'm giving up and don't feel like doing anything. All my effort to get better is disappearing. This is not the life I want, I'm not happy, I can't have peace just sorrow

Pray, pray hard, tell everyone around you to pray hard for you or if they don't pray tell them to wish you good things. Close your eyes and open your heart to the almighty and give your problems to him and he will know what to do with them. I don't know if you pray to him some people don't but take baby steps and find little things that made you feel good before you met him. For me it was poetry and doing good things for people I love and some I didn't even know like the other day I gave a homeless guy my jacket cause it was freezing cold and he had nothing .I drive by every now and then and he wears it every day. When Christmas came my sister got me a Texas Rangers jacket with my number on it. Life is funny that way sometimes. Do good things and maybe one day good things will come. Take baby steps and find little things that made you happy.

i always pray

Even if you do a small act of kindness for someone else it can do wonders- It can do wonders I can tell you- also think about your family- I will bet they would like to see you move forward in small steps. How are the kids with whom you work- also I can't remember are you in the USA or Mexico?

I hope your headaches are better, and if not , I hope you will seek medical advice. Take care.

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vanessi in reply to gogogirl

Thanks, well they are going better. Wanna chat?

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