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Please help - VENLAFAXINE (Effexor)

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Please can somebody help. I’m so at my wits end. I am sweating terribly on these tablets - VENLAFAXINE 150ml times release, and it’s ruining everything I seem to do. Sweating streams in work, running down face, in hair etc.

Please does anyone else have or had this problem. I wish there was medication that will get rid of this constant sweating. It’s not even blumming warm and I’m sweating in wearing a short sleeved blouse with no jacket to work.

I started new job yesterday and what luck the place I am working is like the size of a box. With no windows. The open plan airy area where I thought I would be....not where I am working. So unhappy. Plus I hate the working hours of the job. I’m constantly tired where I feel I will fall asleep sat on my chair like literally when you lean forward , split second of about to drop out of consciousness.

I’m totally lost and angry and just bloody sweating all the time....ALL the time.

18 Replies
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did this only start when you started taking this medication?... what did your doctor say?

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yuna1971 in reply to fauxartist

No I’m about a year into it but it seems to be worse now than when I started. It is when I do absolutely anything. From walking up a flight of stairs, to coming out the ladies room. I’m fed up with it dripping down my face, beads on my face and my head itching with sweat. I just thought I read there was something that can be took to counter the sweating.

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fauxartist in reply to yuna1971

has your doctor said this is a normal side effect because just from the comfort level alone this is not good obviously.... I didn't have this problem when I was on effexor but that doesn't mean anything because medication effects us all so differently....

Hi yuna! I'm on effexor and I've been on it for about 3 years. I'm not sure what to think about it. I do sweat a lot too. I guess it's just something I learned to cope with. I hope this helps you. ❤

I forgot to add I'm on 300 mg of it along with Rexulti.

I take Cymbalta and it makes me sweat like crazy! I’m always hot! I just saw my Psychiatrist this morning and I will continue with Cymbalta because it elevates my mood. That’s really the most important thing, and I would be afraid to switch when I’m feeling good. Why mess with a working balance? I know how you your signs and symptoms to your doctor and see what they say. 🌺🌞🌺

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Yes I sweated on it, but I also had nightmares and woke up in a lot of pain and frozen in place, so I came off of it. Hope it works out for you, sometimes the side affects go away. I wish you well, a fellow sufferer. Sprinkle 1.... sending love and

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Fortynfedup in reply to Sprinkle1

Hi Sprinkle1, I have been waking in the middle of the night as if someone had given me a fright, but on waking I realise that I wasn't dreaming anything bad and it's not the same as the falling feeling when you ate just drifting off. I'm wonder now, after reading your post if this to is because of my medicine????

Have you spoken to your doctor about your sleeping issues? If so would you mind sharing any insite or advice that was given.

Thanks x

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Thank you so much for the kind replies.

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Me to!!!!! Been on 300 Venlaflaxine for 2 years, can't wear my hair down as it's always wet, I have insomnia and restless leg syndrome as side effects also. I invested in a fan for my desk which my employer agreed to let me use as long as IT checked it over. This helps me a lot. I'm currently hoping to gradually ween myself off this medication as summer weather is the worst for the head sweats. This medication can be difficult to come off of so if you choose to stop, do so with the help of your doctor. I feel your pain x

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I didn't have the sweating thing with the Effexor. It was added to my Lithium for situational depression. I ended up taking it for close to 3 yrs - past the point of the reason I had needed it. I was stable and no longer had those stressors in my life. My doctor was of the opinion that I should just keep taking it for life which I thought made no sense. I did a taper and the withdrawal was brutal. However, once out of my system - I really didn't need it and it's been over 10yrs and I haven't gone back.

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Mommasboy270 in reply to car103

It seems mostly all drs have that opinion. I disagree with them wholeheartedly. It's very controversial to me.

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I'm on that medicine too and I sweat all the time. I was thinking it was my hormones. But now that you say this it has me wondering.

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You may need to change medications. I've been on antidepressants and antianxiety meds for 20 plus years and I personally have found healing thru a holistic approach and therapy more effective then meds. But I do know that when I had bad side effects on a med I would look at alternative medications

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car103 in reply to Mommasboy270

Your replies just came through to me even though I posted over a year ago. I always find this so interesting. I want to agree with you about the psych meds. They are prescribed to address symptoms. They cause side effects. And they don't solve any root cause. Sometimes there isn't a choice if one is just not functioning but if at all possible - alternative ways have been my choice. I say this to myself and to everyone struggling - just keep at it to find your way. And be gentle to yourself.

I was on that years ago and don't remember sweats but I do remember weight gain big time. Hated it and got no relief from my issues. Stopped that cold turkey. Now I just stick with my xanax and occasionally cymbalta.

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My GP told me to go off it for one week and start again. It solved the sweats. Haven’t had a problem since.

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Hi there I've been on venlafaxine for several years with very few problems however it might be time for you to go back yo your doctor to see if you need the dose changed please go and see him soon

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