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HELP ME Severe panic disorder


I have panic attacks everyday, I now have a Sensation that I’m riding on a elevator every time I walk, which makes the way I already feel 100 times worse. I have had two ER visits a brain scan and saw a ent in the past week alone. Numerous EKGs.... chest X-rays.... blood work.... I keep getting told it’s my anxiety. I google I read and read to the point I could probably be a doctor, Anxiety has effected me for years...a panic attack every 4 months or so. Now EVERYDAY.... I’m slowly but surely becoming agoraphobic.... I find myself avoiding everywhere because I’m worried I’ll have a panic attack or even worse a “real heart attack “. This has been devastating for me, it’s Consuming my life... hurting my husband and kids. They can’t understand why I act like I act but truth is I’m scared all the time and it’s hard to express that to people who don’t know the feeling. I live life like I have a terminal illness always dreading and depressing myself into believing I’m actually dying and the impact of this is becoming unbearable.... this is so different from who I was... always going and doing, so active and happy. Now I’m miserable.

Is there somebody out there going through this too.... somebody who can relate and maybe even help me through this. I just want my life back...

any tips on overcoming this would be appreciated. Please no recommendations for medications I took them years ago when this first started in a mild case and had to ween myself off of them and that’s Just another stress.

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I have both panic disorder and agoraphobia. I am so sorry you are going through this. Panic attacks make you feel like you’re literally going insane! At least for me. Are you seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist for these matters??

I used to have up to 5 panic attacks everyday. I understand how exhausting and stressful it all is. But if you’ve had all these tests done, let it calm your mind, somehow!!

And honestly, if you don’t want any prescriptions, you will have to deal with this anxiety on your own. And that means seeing a therapist who specializes in agoraphobia/trauma will be your best bet. But, it will take way more time for you to find relief, as it would with meditation. And working on these issues with medication, takes years. So you’ll have to be very patient with yourself.

I have done meds before.... was a difficult thing to get away from. They also cause more anxiety form the side effects.... I just can’t take that road again. It may take longer but I think learning to deal (if I can get that far) with things within myself will probably be the best Long term treatment. My attacks are terrible, It’s hard to convince your self there not real when you feel them. No therapist. I live in a very rural area in Georgia. Good Therapist are hard to find and the ones around here are under the impression if you fear dying you must not believe in god and that’s their main push to help

Is “religion”..... I am religious but that’s not the solid answer for this! Trust me I’m praying harder than I ever have lately but realistically this is a chemical imbalance of some sort and I need techniques in coping. That’s why I’ve sought out this support group and using this as a sort of therapy so to speak.... taking people’s experiences and advice trying to apply them!

Oh dang! I am so sorry! And trust me, i get the whole religion thing. I live in Utah. So I get the hard to find therapists who just say to let god handle your burdens or whatever. Hahaha but good ones are out there. I’ve had a few here that I have absolutely loved and were not LDS (: not saying you are LDS, because I have no idea what your religion is. But I do understand what you mean.

And especially right now, with the pandemic, they’re not doing in person therapy visits. Just over the phone. Or at least that’s how it is here. If it’s that way for you, maybe this is a good thing! You could reach out further and find more therapists. Get what I’m saying?

And you have done the right thing by coming and taking the first step (:

What’s helped me in the past, was definitely processing my fears and talking about them with my therapists. It’s good to be asked further questions and challenged as to why we have this fear. I’m currently listening to a book called The Courage To Be Disliked. I am loving it. It’s basically a long discussion between a young man who is looking for answers and an older philosopher. It’s based on Adler’s Teleology. Now, this young man has a friend who has agoraphobia, and asks questions based from his friends perspective, as well as this young man himself. So it’s nice hearing what this philosopher says to the young man regarding Adler’s psychology. And the way you have described things going on in your post, you may find you have some sort of a familiar mindset/thoughts as this young man. It’s a great read, or listen in my case. It states that that all problems are interpersonal relationship problems, based on Adler’s psychology. Which is true! It just helps you expand new ways of thinking, and ways to help yourself think differently about your situation so you have the courage to help yourself.

Find a therapist. I’m 48 years old, and I can tell you that over the years, it does get better. I’ve had panic attacks since I was a child. I’ve learned that no matter what, I’m going to survive the panic attack. When you realize what causes them, that helps a bit too. I tremble at times with mine so if I’m at work, I’ll run hot water over my hands to stop the trembling. I’ve sat in a stall before, while wave after wave of anxiety washed over me. I tell myself over and over “you’re going to be ok”. It’s very scary! I’ve become agoraphobic at times too. I’ve learned that when I give in to my anxiety, like stay home instead of doing what needs to be done, I feel much worse because I let the anxiety control me. Yesterday, I didn’t go to the store because I woke up with a panic attack. Today, I knew that I had to go to the store no matter what. I showered and dried my hair. I didn’t put up makeup but I went to the store and on the way home, I realized”hey, I didn’t have a panic attack today”! A therapist will help you cope. I’m on meds. I don’t like antidepressants because I have negative side effects with most of them (slurred speech, nausea, increased anxiety), but I’m trying one with a negative attitude about it so I doubt it will help. I’m also seeing a therapist but I’ve only had 2 visits so I have a long way to go. I have the same feelings as you, I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach and I can’t relax. I’m jittery and anxious! This is the worst feeling but there is help. Good luck!

You can always look into an EMDR specialist as well. The results behind this kind of therapy is mind blowing and completely life changing. You can make an appointment with one, and they can tell you if EMDR is right for you. It is trauma and PTSD therapy based, but agoraphobia will sometimes fit in a specialists qualifications.

I too have severe panic disorder along with anxiety and depression. Severe on all three, less on depression. I too suffer from agoraphobia. Mine comes and goes depending on anxiety and panic level and most definitely situational and people involved. I’ve been tested for everything as well just to be told anxiety. I understand how impossible that diagnosis can feel when you physically feel awful. But I can relate 1000 percent. It’s devastating. I definitely feel the elevator feeling too. Yuck. What has helped me most with the agoraphobia is two things... I started slow. I checked my mail. Did that until I felt normal doing that. Moved to walking only to the end of the street. Did that until I felt comfortable. I had to leave my job, etc and move in with family so they helped with groceries until I could go to the store for a few items with a family member until I progressed to on my own. And I moved forward from there. Baby steps. The second thing was teaching my family about my condition and explains in detail how I felt. I researched how to tell them so they could understand my needs. It helped us all immensely. I finally had to just teach them. I had felt so alone. Not tell but teach. Big difference since what we are going through is foreign to a normal person. Last, deep breaths and just moments to myself to calm my body and mind as best I could. I hope something in here can help a small bit, if nothing else so you know you aren’t alone. ❤️

Don’t read too much into a diagnosis or label. It doesn’t matter if it’s PTSD, anxiety, OCD, agoraphobia etc etc. When you peel back the layers, the root cause is the same and that is fear or fearing the feelings of fear. Lose the fear and all will be well.

Hi Laesanders89, you have taken the first step in going forward by joining this support

forum. I so remember that "elevator feeling". It was horrible, made me walk with a

stagger. I hated getting on an elevator as it was like a double whammy effect. Fear

became so overwhelming that I became Agoraphobic for 5 years. I cried everyday,

I feared every morning when I woke up. The sad part was that no one understood what

I was going through. It was a very lonely journey however, I always knew that I would

conquer this fear. I promised myself the day I did, I would pass my success forward in

helping others. And here I am...

It's a long hard journey that didn't happen overnight so we can't expect to have it

disappear quickly. It sounds like Anxiety was already present in you and possibly the

current world situation brought it to a head once more. Understanding our fear and

where it comes from can help in working on lowering our negative thoughts. Our fears

start with a thought and escalate from there. We do have the power to control our

emotions and with that rid ourselves of the physical effects.

I would usually recommend starting with medication and therapy in order to stop the

fear begets fear cycle that you are in prompting these numerous panic attacks. But there

are other ways w/o meds to start the journey forward.

You need a good foundation in order to proceed forward. I'm recommending a book by

Dr. Claire Weekes entitled "Hope & Help for Your Nerves". Many of us on the forum have

used her theory and buildt from that. Her videos are also on YouTube.

The theory of Acceptance being the key to understanding anxiety is an important step.

Therapy can also help direct your onto the right path and guide you with different modalities in handling these panic attacks.

I see Laesanders89, my response is getting too lengthy. I have so much I can tell you.

Maybe I can continue with a Part II or on a Private Chat. Maybe you have questions

you might want to ask us. Whatever you decide, know that you are not alone. We are

an open, friendly, nonjudgmental group of men and women who are supportive and

understanding. I'm glad you're here with us. We care my friend. :) xx

Laesanders89 in reply to Agora1

Agora1 Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me, I already have a sense of relief just seeing how many people can relate and that I’m not alone and that people are actually overcoming this! The mornings are the worst, I’m scared to get out of bed.... just knowing the symptoms are going to turn me back around and lay me right back down.

I won’t even have symptoms sometimes I will

Just be in fear of dying all of a sudden.... I convince myself I’m having trouble breathing my hearts beating weird.... my headache must be a tumor or blood clot ... I’m dizzy because I’m starting to develop a neurological disorder.... then I’ll google that... I discover things like ALS and MS which I’m sure you know they are both unimaginable but sure enough shorty after reading about them I have it..... ive spent hours and hours reading , pretty sure I’ve diagnosed myself with everything I’ve came across. Currently I spend most days in bed... watching tv, for me this is sad. I am.....well I WAS a very active 30yr old. To say I was happy before this is an understatement. I genuinely loved my life... this is what’s causing the depression. Knowing my life has just took a drastic turn and I feel like It will

Never go back to normal... I snap at my kids and my husband I’ve had nights laying in our living room floor crying begging to go back to the ER because I swore I was having a heart attack. No one in my family wants take me anymore because the result kept ending the same! “She’s having a panic attack” She’s suffering from anxiety so to keep me from catching covid 19 they refuse to take me back unless I’m unconscious, which gives me more anxiety! I’ve bought a oxygen meter, Kardia mobile ekg, blood pressure machine.... blood sugar checker... I mean I look like I’m running a clinic for Pete’s sake! I basically wear the pulse o meter! I know this sounds crazy, but that’s just where I’ve ended up! Reading this back to myself I’m still in disbelief.... I pray one day I have a story much like yourself that’s giving back to somebody who’s going through the same thing I am.... thanks for understanding xx🌸

Agora1 in reply to Laesanders89

Laesanders, know that I am always here for you. I have gone through every

single thought and symptom that you have. Everyone... My dining room table

looked like a "mini clinic". Oh the pantry shelves looked like a pharmacy of

all the prescription pills my doctor would order but I was too afraid to take.

So you see dear, we all understand. Stay positive, don't ever give up. Write

me a PM anytime. I'll walk the walk with you. When you're ready it will

happen for you. Goodnight :) xx

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Agora1 in reply to Hidden

Oops, sorry Giada, I missed your response yesterday.

What do you want to know about my journey with Anxiety :) xx

All it took was reading your story for me to create an account and join this forum so I could write a reply to you. One thing I will say, is I can relate to you in many ways. I too am a 30-year old mother of 2. I think back to my life before anxiety and THAT alone makes me depressed. I would give anything to rewind and live that part of my life again, and try to prevent the anxiety I live with today. The elevator feeling is the absolute worst, and I too google every little symptom and have been certain I have various diseases and disorders. I actually thought I had MS because of it! To read your post and know I’m not alone has actually given me hope. Thank you for sharing your story.

As Agora1 has said, the key to overcoming anxiety is to learn to accept the symptoms of anxiety and carry on living your life as if you didn’t feel anxious all the time.

You are literally afraid of the feelings of fear and stuck in a vicious cycle of fear-adrenalin- fear.

I used to be in the same position as you but recovered by following the advice and guidance in a book written by Dr Claire Weekes. The title varies depending on where you live but in the UK it is called Essential Help for your Nerves. It’s by far the best book I have ever read or ever likely to read and literally saved me. I also found a website called AnxietyNoMore, created by Paul David, another ex-sufferer who recovered by applying the same principles first published by Dr Weekes, 50 odd years ago. He helped me to further understand what was happening to me and why (I simply wasn’t truly accepting everything that anxiety was throwing at me).

Acceptance is made so much easier when you understand that you are being bluffed by the symptoms and the last thing you should be doing is to take avoidance measures to stop triggering those anxious thoughts and feelings. Knowledge and understanding of the disorder is key because it removes the uncertainty and bewilderment, You know what you are dealing with and How to recover by accepting instead of fighting or running away from the symptoms.

I have posted lots of information on this forum about my own experiences during my road to recovery which you may find helpful. It doesn’t matter how long you may have been suffering or how deep you think it has affected you. Recovery is just waiting to happen once you learn to be ok about not feeling ok and make your life bigger than your anxiety, taking it with you for the ride.

Recovery is not about coping with a situation that makes you feel anxious, it is all about learning to cope the right way with the symptoms of anxiety by accepting them. Master that and you will free yourself from those shackles you have put yourself in.

Agora1 in reply to Beevee

Hi Beevee, thanks for mentioning the website "AnxietyNoMore" by Paul David. I hadn't

heard of that before. I will say when browsing through YouTube, Dr. Weekes' theory

seems to be used by many as Acceptance has become the Key to success.

Hope you are staying well. Take care.

Beevee in reply to Agora1

All good here Agora1. Still in lockdown and working from home but actually enjoying it! Get to spend more time with the dog!

Beevee in reply to Beevee

Not forgetting the rest of my family 😜

Laesanders89 in reply to Beevee

Thank you for your response. It helps a lot to know people are overcoming this. That it’s possible. It makes me feel

Hope isn’t lost. I will look into buying the book online. I will read anything positive that may help me! I appreciate you reaching Out sharing the knowledge!

Beevee in reply to Laesanders89

Reading the book won’t bring instant recovery. You truly have to trust what you are reading and apply Dr Weekes’ teachings in full. No half measures such as accepting some symptoms but not others. I also recommend you visit the website I mentioned and read some of the historic posts on the blog from others who have recovered or on the same journey to recovery as you. Knowledge is the foundation of recovery. Using that knowledge to develop an attitude of acceptance towards the symptoms and being patient with the recovery process ( and it is a process) does the rest. Your mind and body will sort itself out and peacefulness will return naturally.

junglebook in reply to Beevee

Also a big fan of Dr Claire Weeks. Her book should be given at dr surgeries to anxious patients instead of always med. Although meds are somtimes needed x

Beevee in reply to junglebook

You are so right about that junglebook. I don’t think the medical profession has caught on, even though these books were published 50 years ago. I was only thinking about this last night. Mind you, unless the medical professional has first hand experience and knows how to recover, how on earth do they know how to treat it? My go just prescribed SSRIs and sent me on my not so merry way. It wasn’t his fault because he was probably doing what someone else had taught him, or read a text book, who themselves had not experienced the condition first hand and recovered.

This is why I only listened to those who have that knowledge and experience. It might also be the reason why there are so many types of medication available because they are clutching at straws and don’t understand the condition either.

It isn’t a complex thing to understand, especially when you read Dr Claire Weekes’ publications. It makes perfect, logical sense but admit I didn’t think that on the first few times I read it. In fact, parts made me feel even more anxious, especially where it referred to underlying problems that needed to be addressed first. I had so many but didn’t realise it was anxiety creating those problems, not me. I was also far too busy trying to figure out what was wrong with me and why I had all those frightening thoughts and feelings.

The answers were staring right at me from the pages of that book but took a while for me to realise that, probably because of my highly anxious state. Dr Weekes continues to be streets ahead of everyone else. Sure, some have followed in her footsteps, and I include anyone who has written books based on the same principles of acceptance. However, Dr Weekes was the first, as far as I know. Certainly the best.

Anxiety only seems complex because of all the mumbo jumbo symptoms it produces which can be both frightening and confusing. And it is for these reasons, people fall into an anxious state and then become depressed because they have exhausted themselves by fighting to change how they feel. They are fighting with themselves so only a matter of time before mental exhaustion occurs, paving the way for depression to set in. They lose hope, they see no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s as simple as that. It is their resistance to the thoughts and feelings that keep them trapped and why acceptance is the best antidote if they want to be totally free of the symptoms, not medication. Medication doesn’t treat fear. That will always be there if the person doesn’t know how to cope the right way with the symptoms by facing them and accepting them. They are all just energy being released and the mind and body’s way of healing but sufferers just add more fear because they don’t understand what is happening to them.

However, every single symptom is a by product of anxiety and will disappear when people let themselves feel the symptoms and gradually lose their fear of them because that is the only thing keeping it going.

People don’t become agoraphobic because they are scared to go outside, it is because they are scared they will have a panic attack (such a wrong turn of should be labelled an energy surge because that is all it is - adrenalin). They are frightened of the symptoms which although unpleasant, cannot harm them. They have become afraid of their own natural fight or flight response which is designed to protect them! OCD is another by product of anxiety. It is just a method to try and avoid the feelings of fear. I also have my suspicion that bi-polar is another by product of anxiety. People suffer different symptoms which may spike and then flatten. My anxiety was worse in the mornings and would taper off during the evening. Compared to the mornings, I was a totally different person in the evening because I was in a relaxed state. Does that mean I was bi-polar? Too many labels when it is all the same thing. Anxiety.

I know this may upset some people but when non-sufferers tell them to get a grip of things, it is actually good advice but probably not well received! I mean this in the sense that recovery lies in the places that trigger anxiety and living your life as if you did not have anxiety. Doing things despite how you feel and not feeling sorry for yourself and withdrawing from life. Self pity is a waste of time. If you keep moving forward, no matter how slow, peace of mind and body will return.

Apologies for the long post ( and any bad grammar / spelling errors) but hope I haven’t rambled on too much. I only do this to help people going through the mill and want them to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel which they may not see at this moment. I’m just providing the torch/flashlight I used to help them get there.

Best wishes


atnoz861 in reply to Beevee

Great reply! Super helpful!

...and yes, acceptance is the only way that will bring a permanent relief and stop people from falling into the chronic anxiety trap. I mean, if you are no longer afraid of the feelings of anxiety or panic and all associated thoughts and feelings, you cannot suffer the same again.

I use to get them bad too I was scared out of my mind. # 1 Finding out what are your triggers is key to this? #2 Asking yourself daily how am I feeling? # 3 What can I do about it? If something than do it , if nothing than than release the control #3 What is the worst thing that can happen?see this to the end .. Writing all this down on a piece of paper.... I once started panicking when I was driving and pulled over and talked to myself and told my mind to shut up and stayed there. I later in 5 mins got back on the road and drove . I noticed that sometimes we give it more power the more we think about it I just wrote a quote that says “ Don’t go in your mind, where your body is not” meaning I think your body is not there it is here but your mind wants to go there. Maybe grabbing a piece of piece and putting it on your skin. I began looking at other people and mirroring them. I told myself they look fine so I’ll look like them if they can do if so can I . And as far as Agoraphobia I was that too. I would pretend I had a invisible cloak I put on when I went to the store s and it that nobody could see me and it felt good . Also have you read my anxiety tips I posted?

Hello, Ive been there. I understand what your going through. Yes stay away from anti anxiety, depression meds. Taking all those tests, you can rule out the physical diagnosis. Now you can focus that it is anxiety. I would suggest how to find ways to calm your nervous system everyone is different to managing this. Our brain is hijacked by our amygdala (brains alarm system). Anything we see that are stressful, wrong, crazy, violent, etc. Get sent to the amygdala, then to the autonomic system, then down the vagus nerves, then everywhere to our body with all the physical symptoms we feel. Constant and daily pressure, stressfull lifestyle, exposure will lead to anxiety and depression. For me I changed career, exercise, walking, get sunlight, meditation, healthy diet, some supplements, change my thinking daily, exposure therapy facing my fears. God Bless. 😀

Thank you for the video,

Also for the support. I’m sad there are A lot of people suffering from this but I am glad that there are people out there that can understand!

Congratulations on recovering.

From where I sit it seems so far away! I have had a lot of insightful feed back and hopefully I’ll start making some progress!

Marc787 in reply to Laesanders89

Yes, we're all here to share our experiences and help each other. Its amazing theres alot of response. I agree with most all these comments, acceptance is the key to moving forward. May I share something I read that stuck in mind. Your on a beach sitting on the sand relaxing, enjoying yourself staring out into the ocean, watching the waves waning & waxing on shore, coming & going continuously. Yours thoughts is flowing with nature, calmness, beauty. Use this thought in our daily grind. That the waves that comes & goes continuously is just our experiences in life. Don't judge, don't fear, hate, blame, etc. Just let go and enjoy the waves. God bless. 🤗✌❤.

I had panic attack for years. I discovered Dr Claire weeks Self help for your nerves. It was like it was written for me. Helped me so much. It can be bought on Amazon for about £7. Truly worth a read. Still have the book 20 years later. Our bodies give all kinds on sensations besides the racing heart and derealsation when the nervous system is running riot. I use to get all the usual and head zaps and body vibrations. Fear of what these symptoms mean fuels an already frayed nervous system. Understanding if what is happening is the first step to recovering. I wish you all the best in handling this awful condition. It can definately be done.

blueslite in reply to junglebook

That book has been highly recommended by many people, I've seen it when I was searching out information on panic attacks. Time and time again I'd come across someone who was recommending it.

Yes, I can completely relate to your experiences, which is precisely why I found this site. Don’t try to convince yourself it’s “not real”— a panic attack means that cortisol, the fear hormone- is coursing through your body, and causing actual physiological effects. While these effects may not be life threatening, they are real. If you are unwilling to take prescription medication, then maybe something herbal would help? Passionflower (passiflora) has natural anti anxiety properties. There is also CBD oil (without THC), which helped me once.

In an immediate sense, once I accepted that all of my physical symptoms were anxiety and not some other disorder (I also was tested, scanned up and down, multiple ER visits, etc,..)accepting that actually helped me manage and diminish when I felt an attack coming on. Then I would do “5,4,3,2,1”— name 5 things you see, name 4 things you hear, 3 things you touch, 2 things you can smell, 1 taste. It can break the cycle, even if not completely.

Therapy of course, but honestly Zoloft has saved me. I had a TERRIBLE reaction to lexapro, but I was too desperate to not try something else. A good psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse really helps. I would rather NOT be on meds, but when faced with a choice between the completely messed up,shaking, nauseous, chest pains...that I was versus where I’m at now, it’s what I chose.

I seriously hope your condition improves soon. I hope you are supported and taken care of by those around you. You clearly need a break, like a big time out, where your nervous system can recover. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Wish I could help more.

I am the same..I have been wrestling with this for is a every week battle. Seems like mines is brought on by extreme stress.

Laesanders89 in reply to Gymz

I am so sorry, I hope we find our peace soon❤️

Gymz in reply to Laesanders89

Me 2..Because it draining on the body in spirit...

Hi, I’m going through this too. It sucks but just keep going through the day as best you can. I’ve found that self care really helps me. Like doing my makeup and hair. I make myself my favorite meal right now it’s like 1140 at night and I’m crying because I feel like a burden to my husband and that I can’t do anything right. I feel miserable in my body. Idk if this is weird but can you text me? Maybe we could talk to each other on a daily basis? I’ve been needing and hoping for someone who’s going through the same things as me...

I’d love to. Pm me I’ll

Give you my number!

I am so sorry that you are going through this, but I hope you find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. I understood every word in your testimony because I’ve been living this horror for years. Sometimes I feel like I’ve beat it and then it comes back with a nasty vengeance. I can’t even guess how many times I’ve been to the ER, or how many EKG’s or chest X-Ray’s I’ve had performed on me. And you would think when I start feeling the symptoms of anxiety/panic attack, that I would know that I’m not having a heart attack. Truthfully though, every time my chest starts hurting, or my heart starts palpitating and I feel short of breath and dizzy I think, “this time is different. I might be having a heart attack”, only to go to the ER and learn that I’m not. And I’m happy to learn that, but it doesn’t take away from the physical pain that I felt, the fear or the mental anguish of having no control over my own body. I don’t know why we were chosen to bare such a burden, but I think it’s because we’re strong enough to overcome it. I’m praying that you overcome it, and in the meantime I want you to know that I’m going through it with you. I hope that helps, knowing that I’m going through it with you. Take care. ❤️

Laesanders89 in reply to Antwaun

Yes! You do know exactly what I’m going through. Every time I have a new one I think “this is it” this is the real one all the stress I’ve put my body through has finally took its toll and causing a “real” heart attack. I hate that this is your life I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I hope one day you and I will be the ones sharing our survival story.... that’s what every day feels like. Like I’m fighting for my life and that’s so sad for us both. Please If you need to talk to some one pm me I’ll be there to listen🌺

Antwaun in reply to Laesanders89

Your reply made me smile. And I will definitely be inboxing you soon.

I started suffering from Anxiety and panic attacks when I was 23. By 25 it had become unbearable - feelings and symptoms that resonate to the same rhythm as those you describe so painfully and eloquently. Alone and abandoned in my personal hell of anguish. But, you are not alone. You are not your thoughts, your feelings, your moods or your anxiety. These things - much like the weather - are transitory and evolve and change. There is a process to recovery where you learn to contain the symptoms, re-connect with life and begin that joyful journey to a long forgotten place that was far freer, happier and in flow. Slowly, but surely, you feel the beauty of life and the landscape changes as you see it through different eyes.

Beautifully said and I pray your right.... I’m waiting for that day I can look Back and say I made it. This is a painful experience.

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The more I read on here the more it saddens me. I never knew anxiety can be such a burden. But I am going trough it now. And it feels like dying every day. I feel like my life has no purpose anymore. I feel no joy since March when they started, I feel empty, I feel scared and most of all.. I feel so trapped in my own body. It does whatever it wants to do. I have no control. But it gives me a little bit of hope to not feel weird or crazy when I read your stories. I don't have ppl in my life who go trough the same and ppl think I'm crazy and overreacting. That hurts.

Hi Laesanders we are alike ive been feeling like im gonna die or dying with ever weird pain i get i think ah man this is it so i panick and rush to hospital and get all the test you can think of all come back normal and told its just your anxiety and its heart burns they give me some gross drink that helps numb the pain. This all started after my father passed away from lung cancer i watched how he suffered trying to breath you can see the fear in his eyes that he didn't want to die but nothing was gonna stop it from happening . i saw him take his last breath i was so scared of that happening to me so i panick then a close friends started dying right after another one from drug overdose one from asthma attack and one had a stroke were shes was a striving young 30yr old now is like a vegetable now cant speak and cant walk has a feeding tube. So all this happping around me i went into a panic mode and started all these diets and over excersizing that i ended up hurting my self . was told i have high blood pressure and put me on pills well the pills did some thing to me that i got this very severe headache that last for months i couldn't get rid of it i thought i had a tumor or something i founds out after a mri that it was bad migraines . so it finally went a way then i felt better for awile then boom i started to panic again and again going to hospitals getting test just damn anxiety !! Gave me xanic and sent me home and told me to see a theriapst and a psychiatrist but me of course was to scared to take them so they just sat in my cupboards. And i saw a theriapst for awhile but she stopped working and went somewhere else i really like her too.

I would like to be friends with you cause ive been feeling alone too because no one understands how i feel they just tell me to breath mom its just anxiety or my husband like ill take you to the hospital right away cause he knows im gonna ask him to. I cry every day but know one understand how i feel i try to explain but the just look at me like im crazy. I dont how much longer i can take this feeling of doom all the time specially now with this virus going around killing people ..

I am so sorry to hear this and yes I’m always open to friends.... just pm me! I feel

Your pain oh so well! Maybe when can help each other🌺

Listen to claire weekes on youtube

My friend I do not mean to minimise any of the horrible symptoms you are experiencing. But the solution may lie in simple yogic breathing. It is known as anulom-vilom breathing. You would find how to do it on a YouTube video I am sure .

Also another method of fast breathing “ kapaalbhaathi” is helpful as well. This too is available on many YouTube videos. Round it off with Aum chanting for 5 minutes. Do these three and see if it helps you . Should make a difference by a week to 10 days. If it helps continue it everyday . These are harmless but powerful methods to calm and balance the mind. These three are the simplest to do .

There are more deeper ways of breathing in yog but they require training and supervision . Good luck and hope you find peace soon .

You can start with 10 rounds of each and can increase it to as much as you may wish to .

I dealt with this same thing about 12 years ago. It took a few years to recover without meds but I did do it. Like someone else on here said, it took baby steps. I too started with walking down the street, around the block, small trips to the store, etc until I was no longer afraid to be out in normal situations. I too thought I had something physically wrong with me and had many tests done. They didn’t know then it was from anxiety but I know now. I finally recently had a doctor tell me my physical symptoms were due to stress and anxiety.

It’s hard, but also making sure to get at least 15 minutes of sunlight and 15 minutes of some type of exercise a day definitely helps. I also tired to improve my diet and take natural healthy supplements. Not sure what specifically helped or if all the things together helped but I did get better. I have faith that you can too.

Try Doctor on Demand or research another type of online therapy. There are multiple options out there.

My agoraphobia gets a little bad still if I’m not feeling well or haven’t been out in awhile, but nothing like it was. I still deal with anxiety and sometimes get a panic attacks with certain triggers. Although I haven’t been taking good care of myself. I have found simple things like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, fresh air, and drinking enough water in a day helps but I don’t always do it.

A quick way to try and stop the flight or fight response (aka panic and anxiety) is to take a deep breath through your nose and from the belly, hold it for five seconds and then let it out through your mouth slowly, almost like blowing throw a straw. After doing this a few times it should start to help. I had a therapist tell me that this shuts off the fight or flight response and helps to put the body in rest mode. You might want to try and see if it helps. When I let the breath out I feel a weight coming off and I try to visual an actual weight off my shoulders or I will mentally tell myself “let it go” or “release the stress” or “you’re calm” with each breath I let out. I have noticed the longer I can let the breath out (like about 7 seconds) the better it makes me feel.

Hope you find some peace soon. You are not alone.

Yes. And I was given Lorazepam. I have been taking it 20 years and I don't have panic attacks anymore. There are some people who have GAD like myself where "breathing exercises" simply do not work. I feel sorry for any one whose doctor is so lacking in compassion they would not give a person the kind of meds I take and NEED. I am very grateful I don't live in the UK.

Functional neurological disorder, it’s possible you have this. It’s where the brains software malfunctions and you feel all sorts of neurological symptoms and all your lab work and scans come back normal.

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Where can I find more info about that?


Have the doctors checked your inner ear? I had a friend that had a similar situation and when they finally checked her inner ear there was a fine hair in there causing the problem. Just an idea to ask about. All my best for you to get a resolution to your life.

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Yes, they were checked a few days ago.... she said possibly BPPV. But she didn’t see anything. I wish it was something that simple. Thank you for the response and well wishes

I understand what you're going through. I tried everything before finally trying medication that calmed the panic attacks. 6 or 7 years later I found out I was hypothyroid and started taking thyroid medication which helped my ssri work SO much better. I've always been researching on what could be causing this anxiety and for my thyroid to stop working because I've wanted to reduce the medication. The best answer I could come up with was celiac disease. A lot of the seretonin our body makes is created in the gut so if the gut is disturbed than one would think seretonin and other feel good chemicals could be thrown out of wack. Hypothyroidism is very connected to celiac disease as well. Gluten which causes celiac disease, is the main reason for hashimoto's disease which ultimately causes hypothyroidism. Anyways I've read a lot about people with food intolerances getting anxiety when they eat those foods that they are intolerant to. So it could be as simple as what you are eating....anyways that's just my experience and I hope I can help a little. Message me anytime if you want to know more. Also I grew up in a strict catholic home and I went to church all the time and I never got any better. It was not until after i renounced my religion that things really improved.

This was exactly my life as well for many years. I did so much research and countless tests but everything would come out normal. I had severe IBS but always related it to my Panic Disorder. I tried so many things, Diet, Exercise, Meditation/breathing techniques, medication then vitamin supplements, nothing helped. Today I am pretty much anxiety free. It's hard to believe saying this now because I've only been better since late last year/early this year.

The 3 things that have completely controlled the symptoms were #1 Renewed faith in God, #2 Probiotics, #3 CPAP machine for sleep apnea. I am not obese and my doctors kept ignoring my request for a sleep study because I would tell them that when my anxiety was bad I would stop breathing when dosing off. Finally did the study and was found to have sleep apnea. So my sleep is much better with the CPAP.

The biggest help was the probiotics, because the issues didn't completely leave with the CPAP.

I really believe that for many people their gut microbiome is messed up, which affects our immune system, and other systems, etc.

What has helped me is, 50B probiotics daily, with psyllium husk capsules to help feed the probiotics. I've been through 3 different meds last year which hadn't really helped much, some made me worse. I had also tried diet and exercise but with no results and usually felt worse for hours/days afterwards. I also went through a lot the past 10 years with anxiety and panic. But last year was the worse for me. The probiotics also seem to make a difference during colds and flu.

My anxiety is pretty much nonexistent now, and my energy levels are still problematic at times but I'm gradually recovering from years being unwell. The gut and brain connection plays a huge role and the probiotics helped me tremendously and might do the same for you. It took a few weeks to finally notice a difference and a few more to really see a big difference.

I saw a study that shows that approximately 80% of our seretonin is produced in the gut, so imagine all the other ones that might be the same.

I use Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion from Renew Life. They also have 30, 40 and 90 billion. Here's what strains you should try to get if you can't find it, since these helped me:

Bifidobacterium bifidum (HA-132) 25 Billion

Lactobacillus acidophilus (HA-122) 10 Billion

Lactobacillus casei (HA-108) 8.875 Billion

Bifidobacterium breve (HA-129) 4 Billion

Bifidobacterium longum (HA-135) 1 Billion

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA-111) 250 Million

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA- 114) 250 Million

Lactobacillus plantarum (HA-119) 250 Million

Lactobacillus fermentum (HA-179) 250 Million

Lactobacillus salivarius (HA-118) 125 Million

other companies have similar ones but I know this company worked well for my mom and I. Their capsule is a slow release so that more can reach the large intestine. Multiple strains are being studied because theoretically probiotics are supposed to help your immune system, anxiety and convert the food you eat to vitamins more effectively, since they aid digestion. Hope you find a solution. God Bless.

I feel like I have cried to god for days now, I keep hoping he will hear me and help me through this. I just can’t understand why this is happening to me. Thank you for the information I will try the probiotics.

I was in the same place. I cried to God also many times last year when I was really unwell. It is so very hard and I understand :'(

You will come out stronger when you find your health back. One day at a time. Sending prayers. God Bless.

Go to Potentials unlimited on line get a relaxation down load ! also, hayhouse, lifetools, sounds true, nightingale conant, listen to Dr Wayne Dyer , youtube ! also, daily listening is needed to change ! hope this helps you Ray.

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I can completely relate. I panic attack every morning as soon as I wake. I have major health anxiety, as I have had one health problem after another, including Covid 19 and I am not getting any where with doctors and tests. You may want to see a nutritionist that is also a nurse practitioner. I have one and she has lots of natural supplements to help with anxiety as opposed to meds. I wish you the best

I picked up bible study. The fear of dying lead me to that road. The pastor calls me every 2 days out of the week. Mind you I wasn't a religious person but I needed comfort and a peace of mind. So having God in my life helps me and gives me comfort. Learning and Reading the word of God brings me a peace of mind. I fear panic attacks I fear not able breath but most of all I fear dying without God in my life. So I picked up the Bible and asked for help studying it and I felt better with a peace of mind that everything will be fine. Mind you I still have anxiety but I won't quit just like you and if it was are time we wouldn't be having this conversation. We have a purpose. Hope this helps.

So recognizable. I have that elevator feeling as well. And my panic attacks are there every day since March. I'm not myself anymore. Tight chest and breathlessness and hyperventilation are my main symptoms. And a fear of dying and complete chaos. What the hell is happening to me. I have no control over it whatsoever.. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer. I wish I could give you a golden tip to solve all. How are you today?

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