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Someone please help me

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Sorry to bother you all but I’m in a right state of panic I’ve had anxiety for a few days now and last night I went to Tesco and I got the biggest sharp burning pain in my chest it went into my throat , jaw and in between my shoulder blades I’m scared out of my wits it’s a heart attack I’m getting the pain now right side and down my arm. Just waiting for a call back from the drs surgery I’m wondering if acid reflux or heartburn does this or am I having a heart attack I’m so frightened someone help me xx

22 Replies
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Hi, I'm an EMT, and you're going to be okay!

Do you have a history of heart problems?

Try and take a few deep breaths and have a glass of water, I promise you won't feel like this forever.

My chest hurts during panic attacks or crises. Heartburn can feel like chest pain. Is there anyone with you?

Edit: What you're feeling is real and valid. Don't think my response substitutes medical care, which you deserve. You're not a burden.

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Natsteveo in reply to AnxiouslyZen

Awww thank you so much I don't personally but my dad does he's had it a few times i do however suffer with rapid heartbeat but that's due to being on venlafaxine for a long time...its everything I eat it burns 🔥 so took a lansoprazole and it went away I panicked more I think my anxiety is through the roof at the minute thanks so much 🙏

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I would go in to be sure.🌹

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Natsteveo in reply to Itzallgood1

My doctor never even rang me???? I've taken medication and it seemed to settle

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Itzallgood1 in reply to Natsteveo

I'm glad you're feeling better. xo

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Sounds like costochondritis Nat ….muscular skeletal thing….hope you’re feeling better soon and disclaimer I’m only qualified to fix toilets 🚽

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Natsteveo in reply to Sillysausage234

😆 🤣 😂 that made me laugh it more than likely is that or acid / heartburn ill settle down soon just scares me massively when it hits xx

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That is what my intense acid reflux flares feel like. I have found breathing exercises very helpful. It feels so overwhelming in the moment. I hope you found some comfort today.

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Natsteveo in reply to Livelydively

I did eventually took a good 40 minutes but it did calm down xx

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Hi there thank you for your kind words..I suffer with health anxiety and these are new episodes my doctor never even rang me how bad is that and I was on a emergency call back aswell never even rang not good is it...if it got really bad I'd of gone a+e but it settled down eventually thanks though xx

No need to apologize for reaching out. It sounds like anxiety & acid reflux hun. I’m sure you’re okay ❤️

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Hope so hun I’ve had another bout of pain but just took some paracetamol so hopefully should settle down xx

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Even though it’s most likely anxiety related it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor. I hope they call you back. That’s a pain.

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Well I didn’t get my call back today I was on a emergency call as well it’s terrible service xx

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I have the same issue with my doctor. It’s ridiculous. I hope you feel better soon girl.

Heartburn is a sign of our bodies being too acidic so having alkaline foods will help, I have half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in water every morning

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Natsteveo in reply to lillyofthevalley37

Thank you dr has gave me some lansoprazole it’s eased it but my stool I black this morning I’m scared out my witts now it’s serious xx

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lillyofthevalley37 in reply to Natsteveo

Black stools are not usually serious , I hope your anxiety has settled down Nat

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That could be to do with your iron levels which a simple blood test can sort out.

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Protonix is a great med for GERD, which it sounds like what you have.

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Natsteveo in reply to JP8810

I do have that along with ptsd and health anxiety 😥 I think it’s through the roof at the minute xx

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HEY N,there is something called ANGINA which mimics a heart attack/i have had it around 10 times/i would just wait it out and not call ems services here in the U.S.////im also sufffering with an acid reflux type reaction to beer and soda pop/i may suggest you find a gastroenterologist for your stomach and other issues like i have/i hope this may be of some help///////////////

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