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A little about me

Well I have anxiety and depression panic attack that started when I was pregnant with my last child I found out that she had medical problems the Dr wanted me to abort the pregnancy and family members wanted me to abort the pregnancy too but I said no then they told me that my child wouldn't walk talk crawl but she did them all but she needed help with her caring in 2012 my 14 year old died i was her mommy her best friend and her caregiver and that all stop i don't know what to do i feel stuck everyday is hard to be here with out my child and people say you well be ok you have other children but my children are very different not one is the same so what do I do now

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I am so very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain you must be in. No one can ever replace any of your children. It’s true those need you and love you but it doesn’t take away from the fact that your baby is gone. I admire you for not listening to the doctors or family. It is a very hard decision. Again I can’t imsgine but could never make the choice to abort. It’s not in me. Focus on your children. Love them and care for them. You will always have your child in your heart. It may not get easier but one day that sadness will lose its power over you. I hope that makes sense. I hope that you can get grief counseling. That must be terrible.


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