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My happiness in a nutshell.

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I often speak of my dogs. They are my best friends. They are asleep in my lap right now and I am feeding off off their calm energy. They sure can bring me anxiety but only because they are all I’ve got and I love them so much I worry about their health. My oldest is 14. She’s my angel. The baby Athena from the Greek goddess is actually my sons dog. She’s with me way more than him though. Tater Tot sleeps with me. Usually the only time Athena leaves my side is for bed when she sleeps with my son. She’s my grandpup but I’m raising her too. So I thought I would share my Loves. They make me happy. They know my secrets. They greet me so happy when I come home not that I leave much. They don’t judge me and instead love me unconditionally. I may not have friends that are human but my girls are my friends. I taught Athena to give hugs on command and she comes up in my lap and puts her paws on each shoulder and lays her face against mine. Tater Tot is older so not as energetic although she can jump as high as the ceiling for a treat. If I cry, which happens a lot, Tater Tot will put her face against me to comfort me. Athena licks my tears and both seem to be saying they love me and it will be okay. I am so proud of my girls. I raised 2 boys and I have a grandson and 4 nephews. So I finally got my girls. Athena even has a pretty dress. Lol. So I thought I’d spread the happiness. This is my dachshund Tater Tot. She makes me smile!

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Awwww-she is adorable!!! I actually have a mixed breed who is all white who looks like her! I have 4 dogs, so I totally understand everything you said.

My baby is a dachshund. The vet said we could have taped her ears or wrapped them to get them to lay right but I just couldn’t. People think you can’t have a dachshund with ears that stick out but it happens. My vet has one too and chose not to band her ears. I think it gives her character. She was a rescue from a bad family that had her locked in a closet. I’m going by what the vet said. Her dog looks like Tater Tots twin. Otherwise I have no clue. She’s a little hot dog though. So probably all mixed up. Whatever it is it made her perfect! She has the genes of a dachshund for health, personality, life span etc but those silly ears. They never go down. It’s hilarious. My other baby is a mix of mini yorkie and beagle called a “borkie” I don’t recall a time that I did not have a dog or a cat. Mostly dogs. I hope I never do! It’s work and commitment but gives me purpose and so many blessings in return.

That's funny because one of my dogs has ears just like that! Very large, but they are ADORABLE!! She was a puppy when I got her through a rescue group and they called her a Chiweenie. ( Chihuahua and Dachshund mix). But I sent away for a DNA test for her and she is 4 different breeds!! NONE of them Dachshund! Lol. She's Chihuahua, Beagle, Rat Terrier and Blue Tick Coonhound!!😨😨 If I knew how to post a picture of her, I would, but I just got on the site maybe a few days ago, and I'm finding it very hard to navigate. I even tried to find the post I sent to you and had no idea were to find it!

Yep. For all I know my tiny baby Tater Tot is part Great Dane! Lol. She certainly has the toughness for it. Lol. How do you check their DNA?

They have test kits for it that you can buy online. You just have to swab the inside of their cheek and send it back. Results take at least a month to come back. I'm going to get one for a relatively new dog I just adopted.

My girl is old. I just love her for her. I’m not worried about it for her. Maybe the puppy though. When you look up Borkie though she looks just like them. I’m not sure it matters unless I want a pure breed. It’s interesting though.

Awe, I love her ears. She is precious.

We have a small corgi mix dark chocolate little girl. She is 10 years old now.

They sure do provide lots of comfort. I’m home alone this week, as I couldn’t bring myself to go to work on the road with my husband. I’m worried about being here alone the whole week. My anxiety is horrible right now, and I don’t know a sole in this town. Thank goodness I can chat on here.

Tater Tot is soooooo cute❣ We've always had pets too, can't imagion not having at least a cat. We currently have a dog Han Solo (my pic is him) & a cat Betsey. Hans is part Whippet (basically smaller, faster greyhounds) & is a total snuggler. They get me through the day.

Thank you for sharing photos of your girls.💛

Tater Tot lives in my lap. She likes to be under the covers. It’s so comforting. She has a bad heart murmur. At 14 that causes me anxiety because I don’t know what I would do without her but she’s my best friend.

It’s funny because I was just about to post about my dogs and then i found this. I feel guilty for my dogs. Since I am trapped in my room currently, they sleep on the floor next to my bed diligently. I woke up today and thought, when was the last time I even pet them? Their loyalty is dooming them to my reality right now. I made it to my bathtub and as I sit in here, they’re both resting their heads on the edge of it just looking at me. I wonder what’s going through their head? “Omg she IS alive!” Or “what is she going to do next?” I just reached over and patted them both. They’re still in here with me. One staring at me without movement and the other finally laid down. I feel sorry for them. I feel bad for my husband and kids who are watching me battle this. I can see sadness and concern in their eyes while being patient and understanding. It makes me feel horrible. I wish I didn’t have an audience. But I’m also part glad I do. Very conflicting.

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