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My daughter just turned 1 and I can’t stop worrying...

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I just had my second baby (son) less than 3 weeks ago and I find myself just watching my daughter and thinking of the worst things. What if she gets cancer? What if she gets bullied in school? How can I prevent her from heartache and insecurities? What if she doesn’t have good self esteem when she’s older? I know I’m projecting some of these things (insecurities) onto her in my mind but I can’t stop my thoughts. I try to stay present and enjoy all the wonderful days I have with her. But I watch her as she sleeps and feel overwhelmed. Any suggestions to stop worrying about her whole life ahead of her when she’s such an amazing, full of life, happy go lucky one year old!?

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hi you could go to mother and baby groups and just about everyone would have the same worries as is natural though to have thoughts like this as babies are the most precious thing in the mrs suffered a little after birth and took some weeks to recover.if your still feeling this way say a month or two go to your gp.congratulations and may your new born bring you plenty of amazing memories.

You’ve made me feel better already. I will definitely look into support groups, that’s such a great idea. Thank you!

thank you its a pleasure and glad to help.

Hi there your really having a rough time at the moment! Have you seen your doctor about how you feel if not please do you may have post partum depression and the doctor can help you with this like counselling or short term medication! If you keep playing out your insecurities through you children you may cause them problems in the future I'm not saying your a bad mother rather you are just needing some help to get better don't be afraid to get help the sooner the better take care and all the best david

That’s a good point. I certainly don’t want to cause my children problems. I will definitely mention this to my doctor. Thank you for your input and support!

I suffered from post partem depression and I didn’t know . Looking back my anxiety plus the fact I just had my first child was not a good combo .

I didn’t sleep for days because I thought he would die if I was not with him .

Please , talk to your doctor ?

Did you have anxiety before having kids ?

I’ve dealt with anxiety for over 10 years now. I’m taking Celexa for it. I guess I didn’t view my feelings to be considered PPD because I’m not depressed. I just feel...I don’t know, scared. I guess. For instance: My son felt hot this morning and then when he started to fall asleep I had a panic attack thinking he was dying because he closed just one eye and I just started thinking crazy. I took his temperature and he’s perfectly fine. I just let my mind go to extremes sometimes. And I feel extremely anxious when going out with him and my daughter to the store. I had to get off the highway because I couldn’t maintain my speed and started panicking. Now I don’t want to drive them unless it’s in the city.

Motherhood is already challenging but once you add mental illnesses to it plus the hormones/changes after just having a baby , it can be overwhelming. I can totally relate to how you feel !

I would talk to the doctor who prescribed you Celexa ! Just hang in there ! Be kind to your self you just had a baby ❤️

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

I'm just glad if I can help remember your a good mother and you just need a little help I wish you all the best take care david

Remember you just had your 2nd child only 3 short weeks ago. And congratulatios btw:)

Your hormones are all over the place so it is understandable that you are having these thoughts plus adding a sibling to the family is an added stress too. It's all natural. The " baby blues" is a real thing and so is "Mom brain"!

Taking care of yourself is so important as a mom. Im glad u r on meds bc it shows u are taking care of yourself. We cant give if we are living on an empty cup. But it's so hard to do that especially w a newborn and a one year old! I totally understand.

Motherhood is not easy!!

Support is extremely important. Also, talk to your doctor about what you are feeling. He or she might up the med or wait it out.

Good luck to you. You are not alone with what you are experiencing! And you are a great mom!


Thank you so much for your kind words and support! It’s definitely nice knowing I’m not alone and that someone understands!

You're welcome!


They grow up, there are many lessons as parents and children. Buy yourself a 20 year or 30 year term life insurance policy for 250,000 and add Her as a rider for 10,000. You will sleep so much better.

Hi B&C. I have two children as well. My wife and I always are worried about the future of our two girls. We realized that children are stronger than we think. We should not try to prevent them from hardships but equip them with the necessary attitude to overcome it. Showing them by our actions and words how wonderful and strong they are.

Recently my daughter (she is two )felt from a high playground obstacle course, I could not get there in time to prevent her from falling. She cried and I comfort her ,she went back to it. I did not help her with the obstacle course , she yelled and cheer ‘I did it’ this brought joy to me. I realize our children are amazing humans being and we should not prevent from hurt but just be there when it happens.

Maybe you need anxiety medicine like ativan

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