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New member/ new anxieties (emotional hangover?)

Hello all. I am still navigating around the posts and reading/learning. Looks like a lot of us in the same boat here. I've suffered from anxiety disorder for years (numerous ER/urgent care visits, you name it-all anxiety symptoms), but the past couple months have been off the charts like never before, which have been triggered by a couple specific incidents, and proceeded by years of probable unresolved issues I've pushed back in my mind.

I hope this isn't triggering to anyone - caution - but my newest anxiety is driving, of all things. I have had to come home after driving for TEN MINUTES......I needed to get back home ASAP (I have never been like this before!!) ..... So tonight I had to drive 3 1/2 hrs round trip tonight to pick up my daughter (her ride fell thru) and thought I was going to lose my mind. Plus it was super foggy and I could barely see anything. So now I'm home and exhausted yet can't sleep; I feel like restless leg syndrome, and having to call into work yet again today. I almost feel like I have the flu.

I guess I'm looking for reassurance and support from people that understand. Plus it helps to write this at 3am with no one to call :)

Take care everyone!

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Hi vron2018. I’m new here too. Dipping my toes in the support group waters tonight.

Driving anxiety sucks! I feel like I’m starting to get it myself, but the really weird thing that seems to be helping me is remembering my defensive driving skills and focusing on that. Yes, I had a moving violation several years ago, the officer explained to me how I could get the infraction removed from my record if I went to “driving school” and passed the test. I did it online, took just a couple of hours, but I still use the things I learned to this day. I never get mad at the crazy maneuvers I see other people do, I just do my best to steer clear of them. Which does sometimes mean speeding to get away from them. 😉

Hope you get some sleep 💤

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Good idea relying on defensive driving skills! My problem is if I get too far from home! Maybe I have agoraphobia ??

I got some sleep, but as usual with this stuff, never enough :)

Take care!


your not ALONE! How did you get the drive done? I have the problem to where ill start driving and have to turn around and come home i dont know how to get past this issue any ideas??


Hi yes I have this exact issue. I have to come back home (and these are short trips/errands), relax for a few, breathe, pray and usually give up on the trip because I'm scared of having another attack. I wish I had better answers, but last night I do remember praying a lot! I also did a mental countdown of how many minutes until I hit "the city" (I was on a rural highway with no street lights), and then how many minutes until I got home. I am not a particularly practicing religious person either (raised Catholic), but praying does seem to help for some reason. I got this tip from my cousin, who suffers from anxiety also.


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