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Hi everyone,

I want to reach out to anyone who is in such a state of depression that you have thought that maybe you did not want to be here anymore. I have suffered from anxiety for years and became physically addicted to Ativan. I was taking 6 mg daily due to uncontrolled anxiety. I fell into a deep depression. I had given up on life. I had become suicidal-after that night I knew I had to get off the medication. I went to rehab to finish my taper. One year later-I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel! I am

52 years old and feel like I have been given a second chance at life!! It took 3 months to get off of the Ativan and a full year to become competely clear again. It took tapering off of the medication to realize how out of touch I had become. I just want to let everyone to know that benzodiazapines were the devil for me and led me to become so depressed that I considered taking the whole bottle.

Anxiety is a terrible thing to live with-but there is hope!! If I can be of any help to anyone I would be glad to help!

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Hi i have struggled for 30 years with depression. This anxiety disorder is new tho and I'm not doing well at all. I had a difficult problem yesterday with a friend and have fallen into deep depression about loss of friends and loved ones who cannot deal with my anxiety. I keep a stash of meds " just in case" I know this is not healthy. I want the pain to stop. I'm feeling hopeless. Even God seems distant.


I am sorry that you are depressed. I know that there are a lot of factors figuring into your story. I’m not sure what meds you are taking but I just want others to know that there is always hope even in your darkest hour!


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