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First Week New Job First Mistake On Friday

Long story short, I was moved into a new position in my department. I had been a secretary but I graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2017. My new position is as a graphic designer. It’s exciting and terrifying.

My boss is a very dry, very frank person. Which is actually great because my former boss was a passive aggressive narcissist. She’s a stickler for ultimate professionalism. Everything we do much be presidentially ready. As in anything I’m working on - from emails to projects - must be good to go into the hands of our university president at any moment (of course this doesn’t mean project in progress). I have had to buy a new wardrobe, new shoes, and I’m growing out my hair because it isn’t professional enough (it wasn’t directly said but my boss’s boss isn’t a fan of gender fluid personal appearance - my hair is very short and naturally all gray). With all that being said if I can get over my anxiety I know I can learn a lot from my boss. She has a lot more experience than I do; her work is clean and good looking. It’s a great opportunity!

Anyway, Friday afternoon around 4 I find out that a quick thing I made had the wrong date on it. I fixed the problem and went through the other documents for that program to make sure there weren’t any more problems.

My boss popped into my office to talk to me. I was going to tell her about the mistake but she started talking right away and told me that my emails are unprofessional and then wanted me to walk with her so I can learn about some of our building down displays.

Needless to say I didn’t get the chance to tell her about the mistake. I’m beating myself up, not only about the mistake but about not telling her. My fear is not only that I will get fired but that she will think I’m untrustworthy and incompetent.

Catastrophizing at its best! So anxious people, you probably understand exactly how I’m feeling, how can I stop beating myself up and get through the weekend to Monday? And how do I apologize for not saying anything?

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Know exactly how you feel and i can give the advice i struggle to take. Worrying about it isnt going to change what happens monday say to yourself is this useful its not. Your boss probably wont even bring up the mistake but just be up front and honest. Hope you have a nice weekend.


Thank you. Advice I struggle to take from myself is exactly why I’m here. Thank you so much!


I totally know the feeling, and i did a similar thing when i started work. Simply put...dont worry. If it was a minor error and was corrected quickly and properly you haven't got a thing to worry about. Most reasonable manager should know that new starters are bound to make some mistakes. Maybe you could just mention it on Monday if you feel it necessary but to be honest, if it was me i wouldnt be worried.

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I feel compelled to say something. I think it’s better than her seeing the mistake and not knowing. The mistake is printed and apparently going to be used.

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Ok...i see. I guess in that case then I'd probably tell her


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