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New job? Should I take the leap


I’ve been in my “summer job” for 10 years. I just graduated college and I’ve been offered a full time position in my field. I know I should take it but my confidence is so low that I doubt myself and I’ve been going back and forth whether or not to accept the position. I’m worried that my anxiety will take over my life if I accept this position. Should I just stick to what I’m comfortable with?

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Hi deepbluec,

I would say, take the new job. Please understand a new job is SCARY for everyone. There you are not alone. I recall having new jobs in the past and feeling the anxiety beforehand -and- of course feeling it when I start the job wondering if I succeed at it.

The good news here is the company that is hiring have made a good impression in your interview and/or with your resume and so on. It will be extremely scary moving away from your current comfort zone job into a new and bigger challenge.

If you do decide to take the new job, keep in mind, that everyone who starts a new job has the same concerns and fears, "Will I succeed at this?" "Will my new coworkers like me?"

Last year I took a new job. My first two weeks were anxiety hell because I kept thinking I'm not going to learn the job because there was so much I did not no, nor did I get sufficient training. But I let my creativity take over and I tried this and I tried that. I made several mistakes on the job...yet I learned from each mistake I made. Finally it's gone so well that several of my coworkers have approached me and said, "This place has been so much better to work since you came on board." Now that blew me away.

The new job is opportunity knocking at your door. The anxiety is real. And it's real for everyone. You are not alone by any means.

Good luck with your decision,


Do you have people close to you who can give you their opinion? Also, I think it would depend on the type of job it is. Is it by nature very stressful? Are you able to use your coping skills to manage daily stressors?

Hi deepbluec, I totally agree with MrZee in that you need to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Staying in a comfortable situation will not have you grow . Congratulations on your college graduation. How fortunate you are to be offered a full time position in the field of your choice. Go for it. You can do it :) x


I was in a similar situation about two years ago when I was offered a job in my field. I knew it would be a very long commute, long hours, and a lot to learn. I was an anxious wreck for about a week before I started the job. While it was very tough in the beginning, I realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do and I never dreaded going to work. The anxiety of starting the new job went away after about a week and realized that I was more than capable for doing the job. When that job ended (it was only for 3 months) I realized that I had gained so many new skills and was able to set goals for my career path going forward. If I had not taken the job, I would have regretted it every day.

My advice to you is to take the job, what’s the worst that can happen? You will find out that you have more to offer than you think.

Good luck!


I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, face your fears of the unknown and go for it! Taking the job should boost your confidence as you begin to see that you’re bright and capable. It sounds like an opportunity for growth both professionally and personally. Wishing you the best in all future endeavors!!

Definitely take the job. If we don’t push ourselves we end up stuck in a rut. Yes it’s hard but it might actually help with your anxiety.

Congrats on getting a job offer and graduating. I’m in a similar boat where I’ve started a new position a month ago. I still have feelings of “am I good enough” or “I’m still lost on things.” It slowly gets better.

There is a learning curve in a new job. Give yourself time to learn and don’t be to hard on yourself. I’m still trying to figure that part out but my anxiety is slowly decreasing. One day you’ll figure it out and everything will come natural.

You just have to understand any new job comes with this feeling. It’s the unknown that’s scary but it gets better.

Congratulations! i know exactly how you feel. It always happens to me, i am very nervous before new project. I started a new project in may of this year, i almost decided not to take it, but i have made myself to overcome my fear and i said to myself: try it, you have nothing to lose, if you will be bad or could not handle it, you would quit. You always have this option, but because i usually panic beforehand and imagine something which is not going to happen, i need to give it a try, to see real situation. I was so happy in a week: i could handle the job(commute was long and difficult for me), people were nice and understanding. I ended up loving it. This project was finished yesterday and now i am depressed because of that.

what i am trying to say: take a leap, you might love it, and this is the way how your self esteem will grow, you will be more confident. Good luck to you!

Update: I took the job but it ended up not being a good fit for me so I left last month. I’m in training at a new position and I’m happy with the decision I’ve made. I’m on this journey looking for what’s right for me.

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