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New job anxiety


Hi everyone, I’m new here and I wanted to write my first post. I’ve started a new job about 4 weeks ago and I still feel lost and full of anxiety.

Right now it’s Sunday and I feel like I’m not enjoying the moment because I’m worried about this week. (My boss told me on Friday I would be apart of 3 projects and I have no idea what they are and that’s all I can think about.

Has anyone else experienced this feeling? I feel like I’m not enjoying life at the moment

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I know exactly how you feel! It’s Sunday and I’m super anxious. I just started a new management job last week. It’s been overwhelming so far. I’m laying here dreading the week to come. Thank goodness for the 4th of July.

kmkmad in reply to TommySmith

At least I’m not the only one. Hopefully it gets better for us both bud. Keep me updated on things!

Hi TommySmith. Management is definitely a different animal all on its own and comes with its unique demands. Just understand that it takes time to assess the way things are going, usually 4 weeks or so before you can truly identify the areas where change may need to come. A lot of things will be thrown at you but you have to take them one step at a time and accept that it all can't be done when expected. Keep good communication with your boss, keep them up to date on assignments you have been given even if they don't ask, and this will keep some of the pressure off.

I understand what you're feeling. The first couple of months in a new job are always the hardest but it will get better as time passes and you familiarize yourself with your assigned tasks and get to know your coworkers. It is hard and the anxiety is terrible but just keep pushing through it.

kmkmad in reply to sherann81

Thank you for the support. Do you have any tips to not think about work all the time, being nervous and scared when I join a project.

sad_dragon in reply to kmkmad

Hi kmkmad. It is the "unknown" that is sparking the nervousness and scared feeling. Not knowing what something will be or even worse failing at it I think is an inevitable feeling we all experience when we suffer from these conditions. Try taking the time to write down the questions that are going through your mind about the projects even though you are not quite sure what they are about so you are prepared to ask the questions tomorrow when you go in. This may help ease the anxiety of all of the worries going through your mind. If necessary, write down why you are so worried then respond with the positive things you know you can do. For example, "I am worried that I won't know what to do" then "I may not know what to do because this is a new job but I know I have good time management skills, I know I work well with others, and I know I can research information." This may also help ease some of the worries so it is not consuming your day.

kmkmad in reply to sad_dragon

I agree with you that the unknown is super scary and the feeling of not being good enough is another stress. I’ll try those tips to help me not be so negative and not be so hard on myself during this new job process. I can’t wait till the feeling isn’t so extreme

sherann81 in reply to kmkmad

I download meditation videos on YouTube and listen to them at night or whenever my anxiety is high. I also look for comedy shows on tv to distract myself from thinking too much about work during the weekends. I go to therapy once a week and my therapist suggested that, whenever I have thoughts about not being good enough or failing at work, to write the exact opposite of those thoughts and repeat them to myself out loud as a way to re-program my brain. She acknowledges that it is hard but to keep on doing it over and over again until the negative thoughts go away and my anxiety level goes down.

kmkmad in reply to sherann81

Thank you for this!


Hi kmkmad!

As you know, you’re not enjoying life or being present and being in the moment because you’re living in the future. That leads to anxiety. You can find out what’s going on when you go in on Monday. If you don’t understand, ask questions until you get it. You’re blowing it up into something it’s not. If you’re unable to block out your fear of the future, try distracting yourself. If one activity doesn’t help, go on to another one until you get the desired effect. Hoping for peace in your life!!

kmkmad in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I’m going to relax and enjoy the moment rather than trying to predict what’s going to happen in the future

Hidden in reply to kmkmad


Hi there. I am exactly where you are. Sunday was anxiety-ridden and awful for me too. I started a new job two months ago in a new country. The loneliness and anxiety have been crippling.

kmkmad in reply to Priya6

I felt like that in another city it’s definitely hard when everything is new. Sending you ❤️

Oh yes, many of times. Its nerve wracking Learning new things. Keep in mind he said PART of. To me that means you'll either be with others and not alone or hopefully you'll get some direction. You may need to ask for help. You may just be brain-storming with a few others. Too bad he couldn't at least give you a hint. If you are left to flounder on your own and you fail, its HIS fault for not helping you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The "not knowing" is the hardest part. Let me know how it works out. I care.

kmkmad in reply to Lyn842

Thank you! I’ll keep you updated

This is exactly what I’m going through. Started job as a temp hoping to get hired and they did. I’ve been terribly anxious entire time. The job has been challenging but now they have me working on something completely out of my scope. I’m overwhelmed with how hard it is and feel sick with worrying about what the next thing will be. Today I started thinking eventually they will fire me. It’s awful way to feel and I’m sick nonstop inside. It’s Friday night and I’m crying feeling so overwhelmed

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