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Feeling really sad and hopeless

The time after Christmas up to today has been really depressing. I made all effort to keep busy during Christmas. Hosted a big dinner. Accepted all the invitations. On boxing day I got ill so I stayed in bed for three days. I got really depressed. Have not cried so much since the breakup three months ago. Today is the 31st and I feel terrible. I feel hopeless when it comes to love. i feel like I will never be loved. There is something wrong with me. My mother was telling me i am not too old. But I feel like all my friends are moving forward but me :(

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Purple_54, Love will happen when you least expect it. Until then stay positive. Don't worry about friends moving forward faster than you. When it happens for you, it will be real and well worth the wait. A new year, new hopes and dreams may be in store for you. Never stop believing xx Happy New Year!

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It is really hard holding onto hope. I feel like I wasted three years of my mid twenties with my ex. But thank you Agora1 for your kind words. I am forcing myself to dress up and go out with my friends tomorrow. But I always feel depressed when I am at parties. I will try to start a new chapter tomorrow. PS: I am stating a new job on the 2nd, so I guess that is something :D


Oh that is something in starting a new job. Good Luck!

Have fun at the party, go with no expectations but enjoying yourself.

It's fun to get dressed up, makes you feel better about yourself. One of my

favorite quotes from the movie Miracle on 34th St is, "I believe, I believe, it's silly

but I believe"...I hold that in my heart that life holds something special for all of us

Hugs, xx

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I like that quote.ill keep saying it to myself. Happy new year to you 😊 and thank you.

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