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when you think about going back to yo​ur old way

my boyfriend / best friend for 1 year broke my heart and left me for another girl, yet I'm still in love with him. I feel like I'm empty inside. each day get hurter to go on with my life. There a lovey boy who really likes me but all I do is push him away as I'm scared that I'm going get hurt / or won't be about to fall in love again.

I used to cut my self because I hate the way I look but I meet this guy. He made me feel so good and pretty but he started to make me feel like shit, so I started to cut again but he won't happy about it, I guess I was too fucked up for him.

I try not to cut my self anymore but it so hard, I no been eating a lot instead though. I just end up finding another way to hurt my self.

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I am so sorry to hear this. It is hard to let go of the ones we love & the feelings we have for them. It is also hard to trust again and allow other people the opportunity to love you and you to love them. I have been burned far too many times in the past and have major trust and anxiety issues in relation to this very thing. But what else can we do? If we do not allow ourselves to try and trust, we will never know what could be? I do hope you won’t continue to cut yourself instead try an elastic band around your wrist to flick every time you feel the need, or write it down. Anything to try and move yourself away from the cutting. I sometimes dig my nails into the back of my neck under my hair so if I leave any marks no one can see. I sometimes don’t even realise I’m doing it. Please do try to be kind to yourself.


Thank you and I’m trying to be good to my self just taking little bit longer


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