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My Introduction

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I’m new to this online support group. I’ve been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD. I’ve been dealing with anxiety issues for a couple years, but it got worse this past February and I sought help from my doctor for the first time. We went through a few different meds and I’m currently taking Effexor. I’m here to try and use this as a release. I tend to take all of my anxiety related frustration out on those closest to me and it’s getting out of hand. I usually avoid my problems, push them to the back of my head, overthink and panic to the point that I explode and make a small problem into a huge deal. This is affecting my relationship with my boyfriend and I’ve been avoiding my friends as a result because I feel like they’re just annoyed with this because it keeps happening. I need help with how to separate my irrational thoughts and reality, my anxiety. I’m open to anything. Thanks in advance and I hope I can help others here as well.

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Hi Rebecca, welcome to the forum. I took effexor years ago and I had to come off it, it made me so angry and more depressed, dangerously depressed, you know what I mean, bad thoughts, the whole lot. Everything was bad to me and I as horrible back. May be this medication does not suit you? Just a little thought? May be it could be that, that is making you frustrated? Have a chat to your doctor. Hugs Gail x

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Hi Rebecca. I am literally in the exact same boat, minus the ptsd. Congratulations seeking help! That's a big step and it's awesome you were able to take it. I take out all of my anxiety on those around me as well and I am trying to find healthier coping mechanisms. Irrational thoughts are hard to work through but I feel like this space helps. Even just typing them out and not posting or writing them down helps to get them out of your head so they're not trapped in there becoming bigger issues. During panic attacks my brain will think of the weirdest ideas and I have a difficult time grounding myself. Using my senses to grouns me has helped a little as well as lavender lotion. I try to counter my irrational thoughts with rational thinking but that is definitely a tough one. Sometimes you need to take a moment and breathe through your irrational thoughts and let your body calm to try to help the irrational thoughts slow down and go away. Distractions can help too, like playing a game on your phone or something. When my anxiety is too high this usually doesn't work but I feel like putting the thoughts down on paper or typing them out is the most helpful. I'm sure the people around you aren't annoyed, I'm sure they understand. But I have been avoiding my friends too because I feel the same way and my relationship with my boyfriend gets strained at times as well. I'm blessed that he understands and is willing to stand by me through this but it is scary to think that one day he'll get fed up and leave. But remember that you are not a burden. You are getting help for yourself and doing the best you can right now. Stay strong, you'll get through it.

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