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Keeping my mind distracted

Long story short. Work Christmas party got drunk, got drunk with my boss/ the head teacher. Then we had a very deep meaningful conversation the one you can o lay have when your guard is down due to alcohol! But then the panic hit. Have I over shared have I said something really stupid that I can not take back. Email arrived Monday morning and he apologised for he drunkenness as did I but he did say he thought I said something he hoped I hadn’t. Which wasn’t the case. So I just avoided him didn’t reply to that part of the email. Then in work he questioned me again because he was concerned. But again, I avoided it made my excuse to leave and go teach because I do t want to even think about it.

I feel sick now it’s been like it for a week now and I’m so worried and anxious and I can not keep my mind. Yay or keep it out of my head. I’ve done the giggle search to find sensible things to do, sensible is not my usual go to but I need something. I feel so awful!

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I would just face the issue, as it sounds like it is truly unavoidable. I've been in that situation many times after drinking. It will be ok. Don't beat yourself up over it. The longer you avoid it, the more anxiety you will feel. I took the step a couple days ago to quit drinking. I'm not saying to quit because I don't know your situation, but drinking exacerbates my anxiety. I hope all goes well for you :)


But I really can’t. Even if I wanted to I don’t think I can bring myself to talk about it. Maybe if he brings it up I may be able to nod or shake my head but it’s something I haven’t even been able to talk to the doctor about yet! I feel so stupid!


:( Don't feel stupid. You'll probably feel better if you talk about it. I've held so much in for so long that it all came out like a volcano. Which isn't good. When I drink, all the evil stuff comes out, because I don't talk about it when I'm sober. Plus what I'm feeling gets magnified about 1000 times.


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