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Good moods and guilt

So after a week of feeling not that wonderful, I've been intentionally doing things to get out of the funk. I've been taking my dogs out to the park more. I've been spending more time with my boyfriend. (And being nicer to him, since I'm not as moody)

So I'm happy things are going better, slowly, but I'm getting there. A little anxiety creeps up on me though thinking how long this good feeling will last. I'm just waiting for another depressive episode or anxiety attack. It's like my mind wants to distract me from this happy feeling. Is that weird or does anyone else feel guilty when they are in a good mood?


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It seems easier to be feeling down ,than it does to feel happy. Everyday events seem to see to that..(hint) Try NOT watching the news on the t.v. for a week and see how you're mood IMPROVES.

They say--NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. it seems right!!


I know how they feel, it is easier to down, being happy takes Energy which those who are feeling down don't have the strength to do it, that's ME. I get told Just go for a walk...easier said than done. Even when thing are going in the right direction....I still see as something going to go Wrong? I'm trying SO HARD to not let my family see how I feel. I'm not going to get ANY compassion from will be more like GET OVER IT...that makes it worse😞

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I don't feel guilty on a good day, but sometimes feel suspicious sometimes, as in when is this going to end and anxiety will march back in full force. But that just helps anxiety, so I am learning to accept the very good days and enjoy them. Hope tomorrow is another good day for you. And that you just enjoy it to your fullest.


I do a lot too. But just remember to live in the moment. Those happy moods don't come easily and just enjoy them. You will get through it. This life is hard...😒


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