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New member- anxiety, some depression, and panic

Hey all, 38 yr old, first panic attack 3 yrs ago, anxious every since; 2 in August. Much better now, with a low dose of Prozac and therapy have been doing better. However, seemed to have a hard time managing in the work environment, constantly felt overwhelmed, out of control, and could not get it together. Ended up on leave and currently not working. Not sure if that why I'm feeling better if its a combination of all sorts. Nevertheless, wishing you all inner peace, calmness and healing.

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Hi Jaylyn,

Welcome to your forum.

The extra effort and energy required to cope at work is sometimes too much.

While off work you might like to read a couple of books recommended by members here :)

DARE by Barry McDonagh

Working in the Dark by Fawn Fitter

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thank you blackcat64013, I appreciate that. I will look into those books. Yes, definitely. It has been fairly challenging, but all positivity ahead for a better tomorrow! thanks again.


You are welcome - people including me used to laugh at the thought of having "mental health" days off from work. They are a necessity and we should feel guilty for putting ourselves first. We live to work not the other way round :)

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Whoops! I meant to say we shouldn't feel guilty :(


I got you, yes. I def took much advantage of those days, and even encouraged my coworkers to use them. However I may not have listened to my own advice as much. We should never feel guilty, and think it makes us less of a professional. You live and learn though. I will continue to make myself a priority.


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