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Ramble session/Questions

A constant feeling in my chest, I am not really too sure how to describe. Almost feels like there’s a bubble in my chest. I hate the feeling. I carry it around with me most the day. Does anyone else feel this way?

Is anyone else hypersensitive? After my first panic attack i basically had a week of where I stayed in my house for fear of having one in public or people seeing me have one. I became hypersensitive as my doctor calls it to anything and everything. A little pain in my arm sends my brain into a worry. If I feel sick I wonder if something bad might happen. Can anyone else relate to this?

I feel so alone and... I hate this word, but crazy. Like I’ve lost my “sane” self. I hate feeling this way. I am tired of this all. I am not who I was and I miss her. I want to go back.

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I think I know what you mean. I have a constant feeling of tension and get heart palpitations at times, especially in public.

You are "sane" by the way. In fact you could say that with all the crazyness in the world, we're the sane ones :)

But I know what you mean. You're not alone!


I'm the same way. Feel like something is always wrong with me and up in er sometimes. My blood pressure goes up and my heart races I get dizziness also I'm sick of it too. It went away for a while but it's back. Ugg


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