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I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and it's very hard to cope. It's intermixed with depression and I'm currently on an SSRI. I met someone at the school I'm going to and I don't know where the thought came from but I feel he likes my best friend. Feel like he doesnt want to break up with me because it's not ethical and 'the right thing to do'. He still texts, calls and makes plans to see me, wants to make me climax and makes an effort to make plans so am I imagining this? I cannot concentrate on anything else - today I walked into class and they were sitting together in the front row - something he used to do with only me when we used to take classes together, that's how I figured out he liked me. I feel suspicious, angry and behave very stand offish with both him and her, it makes me feel ashamed.

Is it my mind? Is it the truth? I don't know - more than the actual reality which may or may not be true, the agony of this anxiousness. The agony of the possible scenarios that could potentially play out. Why can't I let go? Thinking of ending things with him, maybe he doesn't like her but I cannot live like this. This is mental torture.

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It sounds as though you need to talk to him and ascertain whether you do or do not have a relationship with him, and a monogamous one too.

Please bear in mind he is a guy, will have 'needs', which he make seek out from anyone willing.

Look after yourself.


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