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Finding A Way

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After reading post after post, It seems that most people are looking for a way to let go of an emotion that is wearing you down and keeping you from enjoying life. I was thinking of a way that might ease some of the negative emotions we all have to fight every day.

You can do this with your family, friends, coworkers, or by yourself. Take tissue paper and cut it into a 3 inch square. Write on the square whatever you wish to give you comfort (i.e., please take away my fear of being with people, please let my family love and accept me for who I am, please take away the anger and resentment that is ruining my life...)

Roll the paper around a pencil to make it a little tube. Go somewhere outside, a special place or the back yard, anywhere that you can see the sky. Hold one end of the tube and light the other end. When you see the flame, let it go. It will float into the sky and you can see it disappearing. It may be a way to feel some comfort, bring you and whoever is with you closer. Even if it makes you feel better for a short time, it can be a way to find encouragement and hope, when there was only pain and guilt.

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