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panic attacks

Hi just want to put my symptoms out there and see if anyone is going through the same...

i got told by my doctor i had anxiety about 3 years ago, but i just felt horrible that as all so was easy to cope with. But the past 3 weeks i have gotten really bad!! I keep thinking i am having a stroke or a heart attack because my arms and hands go numb, my head and some parts of my face go numb.. one day this week i was walking to my parents house and i thought i was passing out. i had to hold on to the wall and ihad my son with me it was a real scare i felt like the world was closing in on me! i went straight to a and e and they said that i have bad anxiety and its all in my head its my brain that is making this happen, i am really confused i sit and cry all night most nights and i start to panic and over think something is happening and they have all got it wrong! last night i cried and cried and when i tried to sleep i was worrying shortess of breath, my legs would not stop shaking or my hands and my body was cold! i am really really worried and in a awful state! is anyone else going through this?

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I've had the hands numbness and racing heart etc but I have xanax to take...also if you do exercise early in day it helps...figure out what's triggering it...mine was my job and boyfriend who was what are you afraid of? You need to figure that out...also caffeine intake...and check your thyroid to see if over active..try slow deep breathing concentrating on only your breath ..listen to relaxing slow music think music...hope you feel better

Have a great day!


im getting on fine with my partner, i dont really know whats causing this i just feel like i have lost myself and dont know how to get back.... im dreaming not really taking in what is happening! i dont drink caffeine... just water or juice, i have to go back to the hopsital today toget another heart trace so hopefully they can give me some reassurance

thank you


kimmy26, yes it's all anxiety. Sometimes when I get anxious I sweat and shake and I have had to hold on to things like trees or a street lamp. Anxiety is treatable. Are you on any meds? You have to find the ones that work for you. They do help. How about counseling? They say counseling and meds work the best. Most everyone here has anxiety and depression. We are here for you. Get the help you need, you will not regret it.God Bless, L D


Hi kimmy26, I know how much u are suffering. I'm a 50 yr old lady with agoraphobia, extreme anxiety disorder, ocd,depression and emotionally unstable personality disorder. I've been with these since childhood and life is tough right now cos I have been unable to get out for 2 months. I'm going back to a gp to rule out some of my symptoms.

Can anyone help you get to a doctor? You can't delay help. You will deteriorate. You need meds and specialist help.

If u need support I'm willing. If u don't then I wish u the best. Bye


Hello, from what you have written I would say you need to see a professional, a Dr. that deals with mental issues or a Psychiatrist. Do not suffer it is not worth it, there is help out there, but make sure you get someone of creditable knowledge and help. I suffered for years and when I found a Psychiatrist things improved a lot. Take good care of yourself. Sprinkle 1


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