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Anxiety/Depression associated with Complex Trauma

Hi everyone,

I'm new on here. I'm 37 year old mother to a 3 year old boy. I suffer from GAD and depression that stems from complex trauma disorder. I'm on a lot of medications prescribed to me by my psychiatrist. The problem I have is that my health insurance deductible is very high and I can no longer afford my counseling sessions. I have been without my counselor since April and I think I am a lot worse because of it. I don't know where to turn. I make too much money to qualify for any kind of financial assistance. I just don't know what to do. The thing is I am generally a happy person, but I have been wired to expect bad things to happen when you are too happy. That was instilled into me as a young girl. I'm also not sure if any of the medications I am on is causing the anxiety. I really have a great life so I feel so guilty that I have so many mental health issues. I know I need to practice compassion for myself, but I'm starting to feel frustrated that I can't seem to control it. I'm scared for myself.

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Hi Shellgg,

Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear that you have lost your consellor. You must be feeling awfully lost at the moment.

If your employer has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) this could be of assistance to you in the short term.

Since circumstances have changed, perhaps your psychiatrist could do a medication review your statement " I am on lots of medication".

Ask the psychiatrist make a referral to an alternate counselor from his/her list of contacts. It pays to ask. Your primary care provider might be able to help here too.

If you use Dr Google you should be able to locate the psychologists association for your location to help find a new counselor.

Other forms of help available to reduce costs are through mental health apps, self-help books and mental health groups (online and meetings).

Our forum members may be able to offer suggestions if you disclose your general location.


Sounds like you have an awful lot going on. I'm sorry it's so hard but I'm glad you reach out here - lots of good folks with many coping skills.

First is good hydration and some health food. I have troubles with appetite too, so I buy easy to prepare stuff like salads, soups, sandwiches, and granola with fresh fruit. I feel stronger and more able to deal when I feed myself well, especially when I have zero appetite.

Second is finding alternate counseling or therapy. Some great ideas were posted by another who replied to you.

Third is having your meds reviewed. Lots of psych meds seems not right. One or two maybe but lots could have harmful interactions and complications. Tough to figure out cause and reaction. My psychologist gave me a GeneSight test that analyzes which drugs are most compatible with your genetic make-up. applies to all sorts of conditions. very helpful.


I don't know what area you live in but every county in the US has a Victim Services agency that does not charge for their services. Look it up online and give them a call to see if it applies to your trauma issues. Most also have a 24 hour hotline. Hang it there.

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Hi guys, thanks so much for the replies. I really like my psychiatrist. She's very smart and I feel like we are partners in my treatment. I am on Lexapro, abilify, vyvanse, wellbutrin, and Lamotrogine...all in low doses. I will be seeing her soon, its just so expensive I try to go a few months in between visits unless i'm really bad. I recently tried to get off of the lexapro but went back on it after about 4 months. I also have a caffeine addiction which I know isn't good, but I'm truly addicted to it. I think its a comfort thing too. I do fine during the week for the most part. Saturday's are normally good. Its Sunday's i have a problem with which tells me its not a medication issue, but a triggering issue. Sunday's are when my ex and I switch with my son. I'm either very upset after he leaves at 4:30 because I miss him so much or I'm having anxiety and depression when I'm waiting for him to come at 4:30 (we alternate weekends.) For example, like yesterday, I had a wonderful morning but as the morning went on i felt so much anxiety and depression because I knew he was coming over and I'm scared I will feel like a failure as a parent.


If I'm understanding correctly, Sundays when you are without your son, either waiting for him to come home or saying goodbye, are your trigger. I'm wondering if you planned to be out of the house and busy during this time if that would help. I'm thinking of things that you truly enjoy.

If it were me, that would be going to a bookstore and having some coffee and dessert, going to a movie, seeing a friend, thrift store shopping, browsing around the library, or being around nature.

Your list will be different, but doing something and trying to break the pattern might help. It's worth a try, anyway! Sometimes, what we associate with a trigger becomes a trigger itself.

pshenefield is so right - victim services are free or very low cost and there are a lot of counseling and support groups available. It definitely sounds like you need more support.


You are definitely right. When I have things planned I'm usually a lot better.


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