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War with weight, depression and anxiety

Hii. I just joined today. I was actually looking for a support group for people suffering from depression and anxiety trying to lose weight. But I found this.

I have never been extremely obese, but have always been at a bar with my body and weight. I have been exercising for 12 years now, I am 22. My mental health has been a major reason for me not being able to lose weight. I get anxious, worry, stress and eat it away. The same old story. But it recently I gained a lot of weight. The fattest I have been. I am 5'2 and 69 kgs. I used to be 57-58kgs. This stresses me even more. But I am trying, really trying. I just felt that if I had people around me going through something similar it would help. Just to not feel this alone. Friends are there but I feel that my weight loss sobs story has been going on for so long that they don't take me seriously anymore. Just looking for someone to believe in me. Thanks for reading

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Hello paintingwords! Welcome to be group!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been battling with your weight for so long and at such a young age on top of anxiety and depression.

I don’t know that you would say that I’ve battled with my weight, at least not as long as you have but at one point I had put on nearly 130 lbs (about 59kg) since graduating high school. Some of that is forgivable since I’m high school I was athletic and told I was too skinny by a large number of people, but even if you allow the weight needed to fill out someone who is 6’5” that’s a large increase.

Mine isn’t helped by eating my feelings but was largely caused by lifestyle changes. I went to grad school and worked 50 hours a week in a fast food restaurant. I regularly ate fast food 3 times a day and drank Coke and Mountain Dew constantly.

I’m sure there are better people on here to help with your journey but I’m here if you want to talk. I’d remind you however that not everyone is the same physiologically and emotionally. What works for one person may not work for someone else. That goes for exercise and diet, as well as treatments, self care and coping mechanisms. For example my biggest hurdle losing weight is consistently going back to drinking things full of sugar 😕

I hope you find what you’re looking for on here and I hope you have a great day. Best of luck! 🙂

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I truly feel welcomed. I actually did not expect any replies. Thank you for listening and sharing your story :)

I live in college hostel and my schedule is rigorous (mentally). My field requires a lot of reading and writing culture studies and sociology). This combined with constant anxiety and terrible nightmares makes me completely exhausted mentally and physically. Which is why I feel the need to eat junk to feel sane, or over eat myself to sleep.

I am extremely sensitive as well, thus the most minor conflicts, embarrassing incidents, feeling of loneliness, gets me straight to a pack of French fries.

I have never been very athletic, but I have been exercising on and off for 12 years, as I mentioned. I have tried almost everything from aerobics, Zumba, yoga, tennis, swimming, kickboxing, (even fasting). While I don't suck at any of them, when I have one of my depressive episodes I can't care less about exercising.

I'll keep in mind to find something that works for me!

I would love to talk to you. Thanks again faulhallen :)


I love your name by the way.....and it is what a good writer does..they paint a picture with words...lovely.

Well.....it's a pretty common problem for a lot of people that is for sure. We feed our feelings when we are stressed, sad, upset, or lonely....and it's exacerbated by depression and anxiety for sure. It's easy to think about it and be rational about not eating, but then we just seem to drop all filters and reach for something to eat that soothes our feelings when we are hurting. There is never an easy answer or solution. A lot of people post about diet and exorcise...but frankly...it's an effort at my age just to go shopping some days when it's cold and every joint and my back hurt....

But at your age my friend....you still can beat this thing. But it takes motivation....otherwise there's no goal or point we can see to make the effort. When we are feeding our feelings we need to figure out an alternative to food, along with therapy and other alternatives. Right now I'm trying to do my painting to occupy my hamster wheel of over-thinking in my head, and it actually is helping a lot. Writing, photography, it's too cold to garden but I also like doing that, so...I guess doing something positive and constructive that makes you feel good is what I'm saying helps.

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Thank you for listening fauxartist :)

I love to read, write and paint which is why I chose this name. These are the things which despite my illness and all my flaws, nobody can take away from me. I feel like whenever I have fallen, they have picked me up.

Finding an alternative to eating is a really good idea. It's just that I have put this pressure on myself to do extremely well in academics, so when I have an assignment and am low emotionally, I eat away my feelings quickly to get back to work. I very unhealthily attach my worth to grades. Therefore it's important for me to see A pluses.

So good to know that you like to paint and write too :)

But yes, I am trying to find something positive. I have joined an app as well, it's called 'Diet Coach'. I just need someone to keep believing in me that I can do it. I am a pretty disciplined person in other areas of life. It's just this weight thing I could never figure out.

Thank you again!


You have declared war on those but where are your tactics?

Am all for you declaring war. But do not go on all fronts together. I am you just 12 years later. And if i can give you one advice is to no go all out and try to solve it all in one hit. You have more than enough time to get yourself sorted.

Weight, anxity and depression together form a vicious loop. And they all feed each other.

Fix your relationship with food in a healthy way. Do not go at maximum level. My eyes are f**n tearing while am telling you this.

You can do it. This is a great community to support you on your journey. Though seek professional help if you can and try to stay away from pills if at all possible.

I really do not know where am going with this as it just made me realise how fool i was trying to solve everything all at once and thinking i could do it alone.

Genuine peace and love to you.


My tactics... weight I have struggled with all my life but still managed it somehow. Anxiety developed about 5 yrs back. This has made managing weight impossible. It is circular, gained weight gives me further anxiety, I seek comfort in food and gain weight further.

About solving all at once. I don't even know if there is another choice. I don't know to shut one off and carry on with other. I do keep trying different things. I also keep failing. But I don't have a choice to but keep trying because if I give up, I'll further dissolve myself in anxiety and depression.

I'd like to know your story. Do share if you're comfortable. Thank you for listening.

Sending love :)


Thank you so much for sharing your story and your struggle. It is wonderful that you are so studios and so committed to getting good grades. Perhaps that level of commitment needs to be directed towards becoming healthier emotionally and physically. This is what it means to be whole and balanced. Have you considered taking a nutrition course or working with a nutritionist? I have found that educating myself about good nutrition has been helpful in helping me modify my eating and the choices that I make. Even when you are stressed or anxious, if you had healthy food options available, you can make better choices. I think you have to really decide what is important. Have you considered journaling your feelings when you are anxious or stressed. Eating is very attached to our emotions and if you can process your emotions before you eat, you might have some success. Have you ever talked to a professional about your anxiety and depression? Do you feel that it is chemical or situational? Either way, there are options available to help with both.


Hello MsJazzy. Thank you for listening.

I agree, I have never put that much dedication towards making myself better emotionally or physically. I have always given my body secondary importance, and emotions I just never understood how to deal with.

I haven't taken a nutrition course per se but I have been reading a lot about nutrition since I was young, to lose weight of course.

I will consider consulting a nutritionist!

The thing is I live in a hostel situated in a valley with strict vegetarian food only rules, therefore my food options are really limited. This also has been a cause of my weight gain.

I do journal sometimes when I feel really overwhelming or I need to put out something I can't tell anyone. Not very often though. I try but I'm not in a state to even put sentences on a page. I end up scratching it up with ink.

I have been seeing professionals, psychiatrist, psychologists on and off for about 3 years. Some were too expensive, and some extremely insensitive. So I kinda gave up on them.

How to find out if it's chemical or situational?

Stress does trigger me, but something I do feel low for no reason at all

Thanks again!


That's great that you are willing to learn about nutrition. I wonder if there are better choices you can make regarding vegetarian food options. Sometimes, vegetarian results in eating a lot of carbs for some people, but it really should be about eating primarily vegetables and plant based proteins. So, keep that in mind when making your food selections even though the meals sound like they are predetermined. Is there a way for you to discuss the menu options with someone at the hostel? Perhaps, they could provide more vegetable or salad options. I think once you get more information regarding nutrition, you may be able to have a positive influence on the menu or be able to make a few changes in food choices that might make a big difference. Also, keep in mind that one of best exercises is walking. Walking could also help with you anxiety. There is an app called Abide that I really love. There are daily meditations and prayers that you can listen to that help with anxiety, sleeping, and calming. You can try it for free for 14 days.


If you would like some advice you could pm me. I suffer from health anxiety but I am a personal trainer and I know a lot about weight loss.

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Hey Anxiousdude! Thank you for listening.

I would really like to take your help. I feel like I do better if I have to be accountable to someone. As in if I am doing something that involves more than just me. Always did well with a trainer who felt I could do it.

If I am asking for too much, please let me know? Thank you so much.


I would love to help. It is definitely one of my passions. You can pm me for advice if you’d like.

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