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Needing Support

Hi I am unable to concentrate at my job. I just relocated to a new town to be by family but the stress of money and finding a place to live have pretty much burnt me out. I told myself to just hang in there at work but I can't concentrate. I called out sick today and am considering quitting my job to deal with my anxiety and get it under control. I feel embarrassed that I can't handle it all. Please comment if you have any words do me. Thanks

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Don't feel embarrassed. I completely understand. Just keep swimming .


Stress can be debilitating...try deep breathing and going for walks go to calm.com and meditate ...I'm looking for a job and if I start thinking about all the negative what its I can't breath..I'm choosing to stay positive and be happy

Try writing what your grateful for down it helps..give yourself credit for things you do right hang in there treat yourself the way you would a friend


If you quit you will be more anxious about money et al.


Moving and starting a new job are gigantic stressors! Anyone would be freaked out. It's pretty normal.

Please give yourself some time. When you come home, focus on taking care of yourself with exercise, healthy food, and affirmations like "I can do this" and "I'm not giving up." Try deep breathing and progressive relaxation. Go to a room in the house where you can close the door and be alone. Light a candle if you can. Put on some soft music.

If you decide it's not the right job for you, you can always look for another one. But give relaxing at home a try first. Google relaxation. There is a lot you can do to help yourself if you try.


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