Took a break

Hey all I took a break from all things social media (this included) as it was not helping me looking at everyone else's "perfect life's"

Since I was last here I've actually plucked the courage up to go back to the doctor with a list of all my ailments. And we are in the process of seeing what's wrong, turns out it wasn't actually all in my head!

Again just venting to no one in particular 😂

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  • I have a nephew who looks like he has a perfect life on Facebook. In reality, he is bi polar, has serious sleeping problems and at age 28 is unable to work at a decent job (although he is very smart & has a college degree), but just is the cashier in a pizza parlor. So much for "perfect lives" on Facebook.

  • I feel the same way! I don't have cool things to post on my snapchat or instagram and when I do, I never get as many likes as most people. I deleted my apps on my phone so I would not have the urge to scroll through my newsfeeds and feel worse about myself. Honestly a social media free life is not possible these days. But limiting it can make a huge difference on how you feel about yourself. Yes it's true that some people just have more to post about their life than you, but that does not mean they are happier and more content. People like you and me tend to forget that. It natural to feel that way! We live in a time where our worth is determined by quantity whether it be money, friends, likes on instagram/facebook, or grades. Appreciate quality of life. You don't know what is going on behind the lens.

  • After a long while it now turns out I actually have “Fibromyalgia “ so I’m not going mental! Now we know about it we can now deal with it! Feeling more positive about things!

  • Whatsthepoint, I have Fibro as well. It is a true physical disorder even though it is exacerbated by stress, it does exist and is not just a figment of your imagination. That being said, having had it for 30 years, I have found ways of dealing with my Fibro as a part of my new life with a chronic condition. I'm glad you are feeling more positive about things now that you have something tangible to work with. My best to you. Sending you a "gentle" hug. xx

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