Give a girl a break

Honestly I just really need to vent on here! I am so tired of this situation! My exs new gf is stalking me and yet telling everyone around her, all over her social media, and so on that I'm stalking her.... only reason I even know about it is because she makes a point of making sure I know by sending me shit or sending it to my friends! I deleted pretty much all my social media hoping this bitch would go away!! I am really debating getting rid of social media completely! I'm just not seeing a point to having one anymore! Every time I post anything it's out of fear that she's going to assume it's copying her even though I don't even know what she's posting and retaliate.... this is messing with my depression and anxiety completely and I just want it to end.... help

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  • Why don't you just block her on everything. If you block her she won't be able to contact you.

  • I have blocked her on everything and reported her to admins and she just makes fake accounts....

  • Well don't give her the time of day. Your social media is about YOU nobody else whether what you say fits the shoe or even if it doesn't it doesn't matter you can post whatever you want whenever you want freely! Ignore her don't give her the time of day if you continue to entertain her she will continue to affect you in a way that she should not be able to! Stay strong!

  • Thanks girl! I'm trying I really am

  • Social media is the root to ALL drama, I'm telling you! It is unreal how much drama and unwanted stuff comes from social media. Or like levy said block her! Or ignore it and don't let it get under your skin, I'm sure that's the only reason she is doing it anyways. Don't react and she will stop I guarantee!

  • I'm starting to agree with this and yes she is blocked on everything but she makes fake accounts to see my stuff. Also it's really hard to ignore when she's making it a point to put it in my face

  • I came off fb a king time ago, it was difficult at first as social media is rather habit forming but now I'm so glad I'm not in's fake in my opinion...

    And if it's affecting your health better without it...

    Hope you get it sorted 🌺

  • You could close your account and reopen later on and she may not realize when you reopen it or she may have moved on with her life if you wait till the right moment which will be a guesstimate on your part. It may take a couple tries, so you might not want to put much effort in the 1st reopening. I did that just because I was mad at fb. It helped me clean up my fb account. It's a thought for you. I still get strange guys wanting me to like them and I don't.

  • Make your FB private so she can't see anything, no matter what fake profile she creates. Then do a post to your FB friends about the situation and that you DON'T waby to hear any more about her or the situation.

    I have a coworker that was just going through the same thing. Try not to let her get to you because that's exactly what she's looking for - don't give her the satisfaction!

    Be strong! RISE!!

  • I ALWAYS thought Social Media can be potentially dangerous . If it doesn't make u happy anymore & then it's counter productive. Get out of it. .

  • It sounds like this girl is in fearof you taking back your ex she sounds jealous of you and is triing to run you out dont let her get to you. Your the better person and shes a jealous hag just look at it as shes got nothing on you and if this is the kind of girl he wants then its his problem and your much much more better. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Good luck and chin up hun

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