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I recently got back from my birthday trip from Texas with my boy friend but that night we got back he totally blew me off and told me he was done repeatedly he told me I didn't know what to do. I know most of it is my fault throughout the trip I did complain a lot and most of the time I didn't even know why I may have taken his effort for my trip for granted but half of the time I don't realize how bad my mood changes it's like I have no control over it moments I feel happy seconds later everything Bothers me and I get in this nasty mood that everyone including my family complains about I'm aware of my mood changes but idk how and idk why I really don't. He said he was tired of it and told me he was done got in the car and left while I still had the car door open I called and called he never picked up I felt for a moment like I was even begging him not to leave me. He continuously said he was done, I didn't sleep all night I've been just crying next morning I continued calling and he still didn't pick up he kept texting me to "stop" that he was at work and he didn't want nothing to do with me anymore. It's so hard I've been crying all day he's done worse stuff in the past and I've always forgiven him and Taken him back, I apologized for acting the way I did but he doesn't care for my apology it's not like I did something else. I was wrong for how I am and act but not to just call me names leave and say your done and never answer my calls ever again. Idk what to do I never felt so alone and hurt. I have my family who I know I can count on but I never tell them about my relationship because I don't like to worry my mom or brothers especially because I'm the oldest and I feel extremely responsible for teaching them to be strong and they simply look up to me so I don't want to show them this sad and just depressed side of me. I get home and I need to hide everything and every possible feeling I may have. I he's previously tried to leave me it's not the first I feel so betrayed and I just want answers. Idk what to do anymore but I just keep crying and thinking and over thinking.

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Listen hunny it’s ok to not be ok it’s ok to be sad it’s ok to cry hell get all of that out of your system be by yourself for a while heal on your time remind yourself you are beautiful and there is someone out there who would worship the ground you walk on and treat you like a queen with the mood swings maybe you should work at that at least you acknowledged that it’s a problem but if you genuine think it’s a major problem where it’s causing havoc in your life see a psychiatrist and just let everything out we’re here for you know your worth


Lovely reply Dee xx


Thank you! I'm really too work out on it on my own as far as my personal issues. Some reason this whole break up is taking a bigger toll on me than my issues like way bigger I just don't feel myself. But I'm definitely trying

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