What to do when this happens?

I get to a point when I just wanna be alone. Like everyone around me just goes mute. I'm in a zone to where I hear you but I don't hear you. I'm functioning normally and responding but not really thinking about my surroundings. I can't really say where my mind is, because it just wonders. I just feel the urge to Scream and cry myself to sleep. I don't wanna eat, or do anything that I enjoy on a daily basis. I've resulted in reading my bible and talking to God. Sometimes I feel I need something else to help cope. Any suggestions

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  • I do the same thing, and I suggest you find a counselor if you haven't already. Mine is helping me to see lies that I get stuck in (loneliness, not good enough, rejection, etc.). Journaling can help and being honest with your friends - ask them to pray for you. It sounds a little like depression and anxiety.

    When you say you are in a tunnel mode- are you scared in the moment and in fight/flight mode? That could be a good indicator of PTSD/panic attack. God bless you and I'm sorry you are struggling so much.

  • Thank you so much. I have a counselor I'm just afraid to talk. Every time I try to talk I freeze and choke on my words. I'm starting to think I'm afraid of just being judged or rejected.

  • I have had the same problems - I started writing letters - it totally helps. you can also tell your counselor you feel afraid she'll laugh at you or kick you out of your sessions. I've actually said both of these things to my counselor which she reassured me that she wouldn't laugh or yell at me or send me packing.

  • Thank you, I've told Him and he just says "Well I'll wait for you to be ready" it's not costing me anything so I guess that's why I kinda beat around the bush. We kinda just watch a movie or listen to music when I come around. I think just being in his presence helps me drift away from reality. Although I still won't have an appetite. I think I'll start writing because I started a journal it got me to speak a little.

  • It's not really helping to allow you to drift away- glad it's free but hope you will start to get something out of this - counseling should help you to deal with reality 😊 with new coping methods.

  • You are correct, I'm praying things get better and I just open up. I thank you!

  • Hi there Chosen 13. It sounds like you dissociate yourself from people. I do it too. They are there, but you're not really there, so you can't connect with them. Maybe you don't wanna connect. Start listing things you'd like to talk about with others. Then look for people that actually wanna talk about the things on your list. Doing things you're truly interested in or dreamed of doing. That will help lift your depression and get you eating again. Keep me posted :)

  • Hey, I do. We connect on certain levels. I have a friend who has experience some of things I have. She's a few years older and she gives great advice. Sometimes I just find myself back to where I started tho. I'll start doing things that I've always wanted to do. I lost my job so I'm kinda spending the money I have saved for my car note. I'm also a full time student so that kinda stop me from doing so much. I Thank you! I will keep you posted!

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