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The last week and half has been rough. I'm enrolled in an online course but trying to enrol in a class as well. First I was sent the wrong schedule of classes. I even went to a class that turned out to be the wrong one. The person in charge of my program apologized and e-mailed me the right schedule. I replied right away but didn't hear back for almost a week.

On top of what was going on at school a man I had been talking to a while told me he didn't want to be in a relationship but wanted us to be friends. I know in the long run we will be friends cause we have similar interest but right now my heart still hurts.

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I guess you could say that. I just think we aren't at the same place. I've been through rejection before but this seemed a bit about them

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Same. It sucks but down the road you usually find out why that person wasn't right for you.

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