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Hi, I am new here.

I’m in college far from home and recently lost my friends. My roommate use to be my best friend but after I had a conflict with my other ones she started ignoring me. Even though I was a really good friend to her. It’s been months, I’ve rectified the miscommunication with my other friends but we don’t hang out with one another. I feel like I’m all alone over here. I’m friendly with other people, but they have noticed I’ve been segregated and no one has reached out to me. Even other people I became friendly with that know but I see them do things together and not invite me. And it leaves me feeling so down, don’t leave the house much, I’m crying a lot and have suicidal thoughts recently. Sometimes a feel great and then one little thing will happen and I’ll be so upset or my mood would just plummet I’d feel like crying for hours. I’m going home soon and don’t know if I should make a doctors appointment or if This will pass. I can’t talk to my family as they are old fashioned and think depression isn’t a thing. I don’t know what to do and feel so alone.

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Depression is definitely a thing, no matter what your parents think. Make that appointment ASAP. Suicidal thoughts are nothing to play around with. Get treated for this depression, and you'll soon be back on the right track.

I'm very sorry about your social situation. All you can do is be friendly to others, and the rest is really up to them. Some of them sound like they're not worth knowing, anyway. Please keep your chin up.

Hi Cassie,

You do sound depressed. I agree with the prior post - look for help. Depression can be managed but it takes some effort.

Social situations can be challenging when you’re depressed. Take care of yourself first. Build your own life and don’t depend on anyone’s approval. There are friends out there for you. Get out of the house each day and get some fresh air - it will help.

Thank you for your replies!

Hey there! Speaking as a fellow college student - your campus should have some type of counseling service available. I’ve used the one at my campus, and it was an invaluable resource for me. At least during the semester, I’d recommend it over a doctors appointment right now, especially if you don’t live close to home. It’s free (or at least it should be), it’s confidential, and your family doesn’t have to know. It’s also a lot easier to access. I have some experience with living with / having toxic friendships, and I’d be willing to talk more, if you want!


Hi Cassie,

No matter what anyone says, please remember that depression is DEFINITELY a thing. It is not just you being a bummer, or feeling a little blue, it is a real and legitimate problem. I can identify so much with your post. I have had a rough last year, and there are times I just isolate myself and cry for so long because I feel like no one will truly love me for who I am. First, please know you are not alone and that this is a real issue that so many people deal with. Second, if you are having these thoughts I would say that making an appointment with a doctor or counselor would be helpful. I recently started seeing a counselor and it has helped me a lot to confront the reasons for my problems. Hang in there, you're not alone!

Also, if you feel uncomfortable with sharing with your family (which is a shame since they are the ones who should be supporting you the most - please remember this is their problem and not yours) I agree with Emory. There are often counselors you can see on campus anonymously.

Thank you for your replies. I feel much better today. There is no counselors on my campus, last night I got in touch with a friend that went through it and she lifted my mood a lot.

I would get to a doc. Probably is not gonna pass on it's own .been there to many times . Good luck hope your better

Tonight I went out and everyone was like where have you been!!! And complimenting me.

It made me feel good but then I had told a girl I felt alone so i don’t know if it was because of that but never The less I had a great night tonight. I felt popular and wanted

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For once i felt like I wasn’t a burden. That they genuinely wanted to know why I wasn’t around

Like they missed me

Your not alone !! You have us n you !

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