Slow motility - same as constipation?

Hi so I posted a couple days ago about not being able to move my bowels! I did an enema and drank some apple juice and that helped but now I'm having frequent (every 1-2 hours) soft bowel movements and I can't seem to empty !! Is this the same as constipation and do I need to do more remedies to get regular? This has been very disruptive - I spent a couple hours in the bathroom at work today and my coworkers are wondering what the heck is going on!


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  • I should mention that my BMs are frequent but SLOW -I sit for at least 30 min each time I poop!

  • You may want to talk to your dr about the possibility of IBS.

  • Thanks but the thing is I had perfect BMs before taking any antidepressants . These meds cause this !

  • I see. Maybe try clear lax every other day?

  • Man, if it's not one thing......

    I hate when that happens at work. Or any public restroom for that matter. I take 3 different antidepressants as well as trazadone (anti-seizure that works as mood stabilizer). I can't even fart unless I'm sitting on a toilet because I just NEVER know for sure. A BRAT diet might help ( bananas, rice, apples, toast) but I wouldn't take anti diarrhea meds or you might swing back to where you were. Poo pourri spray works great if it's stinky.

  • So I didn't take my medicine this morning and not only is my mood better but I don't have bad gas and slow BMs today like I did yesterday so I'm thinking that I had too much of this drug in my system, weighing me down mentally and plugging me up so I think NOT taking Pristiq every few days will be helpful. Either that or I need to lower my dose or find another drug altogether

  • How have you been doing recently?

  • Take Benefiber and Miralax. Both are water soluble so you can take them with any non-carbonated beverage. They even make handy little single serve packets. You won't feel the effects for a couple days but then the regularity sets in. Eat dried prunes and apricots

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