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Hi my name is Sam and I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 2yrs. I don't even feel like myself anymore. It's the worst at night and in the morning, sometimes throughout the day. My doctor prescribed me Prozac last year, however it made me feel worse so I quit. I've been trying to do everything natural , like exercising, vitamins and meditating. It did get better for like 3 months but I recently moved and I think with all the stress from the move my depression and anxiety has come back. Im so tired of having to be strong, when will this end? I'm afraid it never will. I'm considering trying a new medication, I'm scared!

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Hi Sam. Don't be scared of trying a new medication. You may be surprised by the results. Tired of being strong is how I felt. Being strong for everyone else but nobody to support me deeply affected me. Hopefully you will find the right medication and start feeling more like your old self. It's hard I know. Maybe this is just a dip because of your move. Someone on here advised me that anything can set depression off again. We can be feeling reasonably ok and then we can feel poorly or or do something stressful and we dip again. I'm actually starting to see this exact pattern with me. Fingers Crossed for you.


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