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Hi, I'm new today. Not sure if this will make a difference but I'm really starting to give up πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ. I'm 23, I suffer from anxiety & depression, it all started when I was 15 and my mum passed away. Now it's just me and my sister, however she's not really there for me, no one is, I just feel like I'm an inconvenience to everyone. Like when I speak to people about it, it seems like they're sick of hearing the same shit. I've had counselling, been to my GPS countless of times, I'm also on anti-depressants. I sound so pathetic! I just want to be normal :( :(

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Welcome Amy 😁 Sorry to hear about your mother passing. I can't even imagine, you will be able to connect with like minded people here. People that know exactly what you go through, and will listen and help if they can!

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Thank you πŸ’œ

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You're very welcome!

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You are not alone, even if it feels like it. There are 3 types of people in our lives, those who knock us down, those who leave when things get tough and those who stay no matter what. Surround yourself with people who truly want the best for you. You are not an inconvenience and are certainly not pathetic. I'm so sorry about your Mom. People grieve differently and no one has a right to tell you how to grieve or for how long. Time may lessen the pain but unfortunately, it doesn't go away. I know from experience. You have every right to talk about how you feel but don't let those emotions control you. I know it's hard when these feelings overwhelm you and it seems like no one hears you but you matter, please don't ever forget that. Do you have any hobbies? Something that makes you feel happy or proud or just makes you feel better for awhile?

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. it really means so much to me! I don't have any hobbies, I just can't enjoy anything. I feel a little better when I'm around people that seem to care and understand, but recently it feels like people are sick of hearing me, I feel as though I put them on a downer so they don't want to be around me πŸ’”

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I can relate to not being to enjoy things. Especially when you look around and everyone else seems to be doing just fine. It makes it even tougher. Have you talked to your Dr about changing your anti-depressants? They personally never worked for me but I know they have helped a lot of people. This is actually my first time with this forum but I saw your message and had to sign up. I have felt the way you feel right now (sometimes I still do) and if nothing else let you know that you are not alone and even someone who is a complete stranger cares about you. Writing in a journal always helped me, at my lowest I even lost interest in that, but sometimes writing anything that comes to mind without holding back can be an amazing emotional release. If you ever need someone to listen please message me. I will do whatever I can.


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I've changed the tablets a few times, that doesn't help at all. Thanks so much Lesley!! It means a lot πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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Hi Amy. I'm currently feeling how you are.

I have been on ciltalopram for 9 days only although I think the gp prescribed me antidepressants because I was so anxious. At the moment I can't enjoy anything. I haven't even been able to listen to music which I loved to do. It was my soul saver.

I have two young children that I love with all my heart but even to interact with them at the moment is difficult. I have just had my bloods taken and waiting on results. I felt fine two and a half weeks ago and now I feel like a totally different person.

I spoke to a lovely doctor today who assured me that I am nearly over the worst of the effects of the tablets and that I should feel better soon. Also have you tried going for talking therapies/ counselling? . I went to my first hypnotherapy session yesterday and I felt very relaxed after. I will continue this until I am better.

I just want you to know that you are not on your own.

How are you feeling now?

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Hi Amy, I'm new on here and this caught my eye. I'm feeling the same way, very lost in a dark time with depression and anxiety, friends who saw me this way when I went through a divorce have basically backed away and left me in a very lonely place. I'm afraid my daughter is pulling away too and that kills me inside. She's only 18 and I cannot expect her to be my support system, she is just beginning her own life. However, my own siblings and adult friends seem to be where your people are - sick of hearing from me. One thing we have to try to understand, these times of struggle will make us stronger and more compassionate and empathic people who will be able to help someone else down the road. I'm sorry for your pain!

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Hey girl stop thinking you are not important. You still young. Do something better for yourself and start looking forward. Ignore the one who not been there for you when you in trouble. Appreciate yourself :)

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So glad you are here! So many lovely souls who understand!

Check out my recent response to Adele 1983. Lots of crossover there for all of us who are switching meds, increasing, decreasing, newly diagnosed, etc.!

Also, what is your current Vitamin D level?? Perhaps you should check that out?!

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I've decreased my tabs as I want to come off them, I feel as though they were making me numb. I've recently had my bloods done, just waiting on my results from my GP x

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Oooooohhhhhh! Well, then yes, you probably feel a bit in the dumps! It can pass if in fact you do not need them. Therein lies the question. The one thing I see is people want to get off of them and I get that! I totally do. BUT!!!!! A person must commit to what it takes to be med free with an anxiety/depression disorder, which means living a very disciplined life! All of what I wrote to Adele 1983 plus no alcohol, drugs, etc. they only exacerbate the underlying mood disorders. It can absolutely be done!!!!! It just takes determination and lots of self discipline. (I am good to a point😏)

I wish you only the best as you taper off!!! Please report back with your D level!!!

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Sorry to hear about your mum :( can not imagine what you are going through.

I get how you feel like you are an inconvenience to everyone, I feel the same :( It is horrible and really hard to shake off. Only advice I can give is to try and take baby step with who you feel comfortable talking too but also try and not put too much pressure on yourself. Also try doing activity's with your friends like bowling or theme parks to help to try and take your mind off things maybe.

You said you have seen your GP many time, what did they say? I want/need to see mine but just worried he will just brush it of and put me on antibiotics :(

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How are you doing almost 2 months later?

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I understand what you are going through. Been through several traumas in my life and it seems that they are worse to recover from as I age. Please stay strong, you are a wonderful person.

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I'm sure you have heard this countless times, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I have had a lifetime of exactly what you describe, my mum, my sister, everyone's attitudes....exactly the same. You probably are a 'giver', and I am too, and it seems that everyone will take all that you can give (emotionally, support, etc.), until you have nothing left, and then when you need them to's like hearing crickets! Nobody is there! I am trying to learn to look for the positive things, but it is so very difficult.

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