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Depression, severe depression and overthinking

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I have really bad depression and I don't any motivation. I lay in my bed every single day. It's very hard for me to be excited. I always overthink deep. I would say I'm very philosophical and I always think about how everything would end one day but at the same I try to keep a light that keeps me going on a daily day basis. I kinda want to be on medications to help me but I also feel like I would be more deluded and like im gonna miss the overthinking part (if that makes sense).. I hope someone answers me. It would be nice if someone here feels the same way like I do. :)

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You are somewhat like me. You have too much anxiety to even get on the antidepressants. First heal the anxiety. Anti anxiety meds, and then figure out if you don't fear antidepressants. Stop listening to your head and start spending time with somone with compassion. I have no compassionate people in my life... But those people who you live with, or care for you, they might lack time to heal your neglected self. Seek attention and advice. Give up your knowledge for a greater knowledge. Ask for attention, ask for jesus to deliver you from temptation such as "giving up on yourself." depression makes u die inside, anxiety prevents developing. I care. I wish you happiness!

You're not alone.

Hi, if you decide to try medication I hope it helps! I am still torn about whether to go on meds myself.

Overthinking can be like "going down the rabbit hole," you tend to get lost in it. I understand the appeal of though. The philosopher in me wants to spend my life thinking about life. But living is not about thinking; it's about doing. If meds would help me to where I could get out of bed and take action, maybe they would be worth it.

Hope you are feeling somewhat better!

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I feel like if I stop overthinking I'll become delusional and distracted from the issues I always think about. I'm afraid that if I start getting medications I'll be happy and satisfied only while i take them and after I stop them I'll get worse.

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Thank you for the reply. When I posted my problems I thought my message was going to be ignored and I was surprised when I saw that there are around 10 replies.

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Do your research on antidepressants, they have side effects after the second script.

Oh wow ....that description fits me alright. I always find a n excuse for NOT getting dressed and doing something constructive. My laundry’s backed up, the house needs cleaning badly, my dog needs to walk... worse but somehow I doubt it. !!!! rarely do anything except lay in bed and watch tv. I have no motivation to do what needs to be done v

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I have been trying to do one house chore a day. I make myself get dressed even if 15 minutes later I am back in bed. I am trying to make myself go outside everyday for at least 30 minutes and take deep breaths.

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i have severe back pain~but there are gulls to feed, so i will do it~no one else cares i have obsessive morbid thoughts cannot get right help

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Hi. Thank you for the reply. I've been taking antidepressants at the age of 15 because back then I was way worse than now. I was constantly thinking that no one loves me or needs me. I used them for a few months and I think I felt better and my mom decided to stop them with the consent and advice from my psychiatrist. The next two years were somewhat good and bearable. Right now I'm living day by day so that I don't make my close people wonder and think about me having problems. I want everything to seem ok in their eyes. I can't tell when exactly I started having problems with motivation so bad it started being a struggle. When I think about something I would do and I would enjoy after that I immediately start thinking about how even if it's good that its gonna last and it will be temporary and this makes me not wanna do it and I end up doing nothing. Whatever i would think of spending my time doing makes me not wanna do it after overthinking like it would not feel "natural" or that would make me delusional (i hope you understand).

I am struggling with mild depression and anxiety. I finally called a doctor for help after laying around in bed for weeks and being to unmotivated to even cook food for myself. This whole covid lockdown just took it over the top for me. I was prescribed a medication that can treat both. I haven’t taken it yet. I am scared. My husband is upset with me and just leaves the house, refuses to talk to me, won’t help me out, and doesn’t understand why I can’t pull it together. He told me he doesn’t want to be my support person while I’m all “messed” up but if the medicine works he says he be there for me then. I’m not sure what to do.

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I’ve been on several anti depressants and have what works for me, which they added one to it and it’s helped a lot. It’s called Viibryd. .my anxiety is to the point where I don’t want to leave my bedroom. I don’t want to go anywhere. I have been reading a lot on the internet....there’s a site called Medium that has interesting articles on psychology and self help if you’re able to do that. I’ve become interested in this CBT. I can’t afford a psychiatrist. My insurance doesn’t cover a psychologist! I’m learning the techniques and ways of thinking that have made a big difference for me. I like the idea someone here mentioned: one task a day. That’s what I’m trying to do. My husband sits at his computer on the other side of the house. We only see each other on the way to the kitchen. We speak rarely other than a few polite words. It’s a remarriage.....I’m 62; he’s 64. Too old to move on. Expect in these times. I am going to be as kind as I can and we can work on what, if anything we can do after things in the world settle down. I don’t think I’d say “mild depression and anxiety”. It’s gotten hard for anyone to NOT feel all this anxiety. My dr gave me a Valium equivalent. That made me calm down but I was in a fog and it made me so sleepy. I pray we all see the solution to our issues and we’re able to cope better. Studies and surveys show Americans are through the roof on anxiety now. Explain to your dr in person. Be honest with how you’re feeling. Don’t diminish your symptoms FOR the doctor. Tell he/she exactly what you’re feeling. Good luck to us all.

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Hi, yes I am at that point too where I can hardly leave my bed. I literally made a meal today at midnight. Its pretty scary after be such an active fun loving go getter person. I knew I needed help and am hoping the medication will help with this part. I also have been research the CBT and it seems like a better long term solution. Thank you for responding. Hang in there and do things that make you happy. I am glad we found this support group!

Take the medicine, my dear. Give yourself a chance to recover.

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men are a laugh !

You are in a vicious cycle. Try to make a list of good things and events to dwell on. Make some plans to accomplish for the day and make sure you do them. Give yourself plenty of positive, kind statements , especially when you accomplish something on your list. I always find it helpful to pray each day and often during the day. Your plans don't have to be earth shattering. Simple things like wash the dishes or get up and read 5 pages of a book. Love yourself and let the negative, overthinking thoughts go. They are not accomplishing anything good for you and you deserve better. A hug and a prayer.

Don't lay in bed all day, it is guaranteed to make things far worse. The times when you least want to get out of bed is when you MOST NEED TO DO IT. Get up and go and do. This will stimulate your brain with things other than the usual crappy thought patterns, which will do a lot to knock out the overthinking because there will be less space in your head for it when you are thinking about what someone is saying to you or seeing things around you other than the usual four walls. Focus on pleasant things and memories and believe they are the real truth, because they put you in touch with your Maker, who is the Author of all good things. (Goodness must be anchored in eternity or it is just another meaningless passing feeling.)

As for medication, first you want to find out what's causing the anxiety. Then decide from there with your doc whether medication is needed. Don't buy the hooey that the medication will make you deluded -- you are deluded NOW. The right medication/therapy/coping skills/etc will de-delude you.

I don't know if I have anxiety. I have no energy and no motivation. My depression is very bad. I'm afraid that if I use medications for anxiety I'll feel worse.

Why are you afraid it will make you feel worse?

Because I don't know if it will affect me in a good way.

First thing you have to do is see a doctor to find out why you are depressed and lack energy. Then find out if medications are even necessary. No need to be afraid of medications if you don't even know you need them yet.

There are natural antidepressants that are as effective and few side effects. . St. John's wort or 5-HTP. For anxiety there's ashwagandha and l-theanine. You can find these on Amazon and they are a couple dollars a month for each.

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St John's has zero to negligible effect on me. I don't think it's strong enough for folks with real mood disorders, only for folks who are clinically okay but maybe feeling a little down.

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I took it 20 yrs for clinical depression. 300 MG of . 3% hypernicum 3x day.

I understand how you feel. I've been struggling with depression for a few years and have been debating trying medication for over a year. Its a difficult decision to make, but you aren't alone.

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Hi! Thank you for replying to me. I hope that we'll get through this and we'll find and use what's best for us and that's gonna change our negative perspective although it's hard...

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We will get through this. It's hard but we will get there. I hope each day gets easier for you!

Feel the same lately been feeling depressed too more just want to be in bed all day no motivation at all always thinking the worst like one day Iam just going to go crazy and be put in a mental hospital or something I hate it always feel everything is not real too you not alone at all

I going through lots myself..all alone.cant explain to anyone my state of mind...did u get help..if u did.pls guide me

Hi! I can't go to a psychiatrist right now because of my financial difficulties and I'm also a little scared. If you are able to get help don't wait. Find yourself a good psychiatrist. Otherwise go outside as much as possible I know it's hard but sometimes we have to force ourselves. Staying in a same place and not moving worsens our mental state. I hope we'll go through this and will feel better in the future.

What is overthinking for you? Are you racing with thoughts ? Is it dwelling or thoughts?

u make sense to m~we get used to the eway we feel,even if its bad ! we need stepping stones~~~?i feel at crisis but support has been no use to me~

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