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I've been feeling terrible lately. I only have 2 friends that actually want me to be alive. Pretty much everyone else, I don't think they care either way. I've had so much homework lately and I'm studying and Im still getting "F's" in my classes. My parents are divorced and have both remarried, so I now have 4 parents to get mad at me about my grades. They say I need to try harder, when I'm already trying my best.

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First off 2 people or even 1 who cares about you is all you need. Is this high school or college? Have you tried to get any help with your grades from school? No one wants you to fail, know that is because they want good things for you.

It's high school

Are you comfortable asking for help? Counselors trustworthy? I honestly feel like high school was the hardest part of life, I'm way older than you but my daughter just started college a week ago and she has anxiety worse than I do, so I understand. I want you to believe me when I say your life only gets better from here... you become who you want to be...

Thank you

Also, my last comment sounded really dismissive, I didn't mean it that way sorry

Don't sweat it! Small stuff we are here to help each other not add to our torture : D

Shelfie9 is right. Those two people are all that matter plus your opinion of yourself. I too had a very hard time in high school and so did my daughter. Self-esteem was so hard for her plus she got pregnant and other things. If you feel comfortable, taking to teachers and counselors can help. Can you go to your biological or step parents and just talk?

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If you are in high school there is hope. How is your family? Also counselors are there to help as well.

Good day.

Please forgive me. Im not sure if these posts.......... I don't generally contribute to these things.

I assume you are about 14, to perhaps 16, dunno. Check this out, as s person looking at 50 soon, I have regrets. One of the biggest regrets, I did not seek help for my condition when I was young.

Blah blah blah

gogogirl in reply to Mr-Shannon

Me too Mr. S and I am a lot older than you.

Sorry about that. I feel I am being punished for some decisions I made years ago. Isn't that nice? I guess that is not how life really works because some horrible people seem to have it made like a relative of a relative who cheated on his wife years ago.


Your parents and stepparents do mean well. Do you have trouble concentrating or understanding the class material? You might be distracted by other things in your life. There are other things in your life that can get in the way. I agree with the suggestions to possibly talk to a school counselor.

Hugs_of_Happiness in reply to Hidden

I do get easily distracted, especially when it comes to math and science. I also struggle with understanding the material, but once I do understand it, I do pretty well.

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